A New Home Part 34

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It was easy to see that Matthew had a room of his own and Ryan and Danny looked like they were going to share. That was two rooms down.

Sasha claimed one of the other rooms and Tracie and Aleesa were going into another. But that left poor Kevin without.

So I made a ruling that Sasha and Tracie share at the moment and the two youngest can share. Sasha didn't mind since she shared with all the others now at the moment in the van. So this would be a bonus for her and for her younger sister.

While all the kids were still exploring the place, I was thinking that maybe Knox and I can make do in the loft.

But then I saw another doorway at the other end of the common room. That's what I was calling the big room. The Common Room.

Walking towards the door, I grabbed the handle and turned it seeing that it led to another shorter hallway with a few more doors.

The closest one opened to show me a large utility room with a large washer and dryer set along one wall with a long bench on either side and opposite them was a wall to wall linen cupboard and storage.

There was a doorway on one side and I opened it up to see an ensuite which i think is designed for workers to shower themselves before coming into the main part of the house.

I liked that too. Very much.

Oh my word, I was thinking. I fell in love with this room.

Then I went back out into the hall and walked to another door which opened to a small bathroom with another toilet and a door that slid open to reveal another bedroom.

So this is where the main bedroom was. It was smaller than I was expecting, but I liked it. It was bigger than our room in the van anyway. So i can't complain.

Walking through that baedroom and opening the doorway that lead out into the hall again, I noticed that there was still one door that I hadn't opened. So grabbing the door handle, I opened it and nearly fainted.

This was the main or master bedroom.

Is was nearly as large as our van and on the other side of the bed, the very large bed, was a lounging area or what I have heard is called a parents retreat. I can also see that there is a very large ensuite with a spa bath on one side.

Oh my word. this was luxury like I have never seen it.

Even when I was living back with my family before they were all killed, I never had this kind of luxury.

I just stood there looking around.

Then I noticed that there was a door that joined the two bedrooms. Maybe it could double as a nursery. I'll talk to Lesley when she comes back.

I don't want to get my hopes up, but I will hit Knox if he doesn't take this house... I mean this job.

"Mumma! We found it." I heard the kids various voices yell through the house at me.

I wondered what it was that they found. Then I remembered the cellar. It was hidden and they had to find it.

So walking back towrads the common room, I saw the kids standing on one side of the kitchen next to the wall and when I got close, I saw Ryan push against the wall and the door popped back open towards us.

Then he reached in and a light came on showing a staircase leading down under the house. Walking down the stairs holding onto the safety rail, I saw that below the house was another big room with supports that held the house up above us that were wrapped with a kind of carpet wrap for safety.

The room had been decorated to be another living space with a games room on the side.

Then, on the other side of the room, I saw another door that lead into the actual cellar. On one side there was a large wine rack and on the other it was a food shelving unit. It was very cool in here. Very cool.

I also noticed that there was an odd look to one wall and when I went to look at it, I saw that it was another hidden door. It opened to a tunnel that went off somewhere. I'll definitely be talking to both Knox and Lesley about that one.

The kids were so excited exploring and they havene't even been outside yet.

Hearing footsteps above us, we all stayed really quiet and listened to see who it was. I could faintly hear Knox talking to Lesley and Matthew. A moment later, I heard the basement door pop open and then saw Knox's long legs appear down the steps.

"Surprise!" The kids yelled at their father who just smiled at them all as they surged around them.

"So I guess that the house is okay then?" I heard Lesley say as she stepped off the bottom step and joined us.

I just looked at Knox who had a twinkle in his eye.

"We still havve to hash out terms, but I think we can do it. What do you think?" Knox asked me.

"Good. Because if you don't take the job, I damn well will." Was what i said to him with a smile at Lesley who leaned against the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

"Let me show you the rest of the place then, Neena." Lesley said as she turned to walk back up the stairs into the house again.

"I want some dessert first." She added which had me smiling and Knox chuckling.

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