A New Home Part 34

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"This is the managers house. I've been using it while my own house was getting finished. This one is the one that goes with the job." She went on to say as she continued to eat the plateful of food in front of her.

"Are you saying that this is the house that you said was ours if Daddy takes the job?" Tracie went on to ask her as she leaned across the table nearly plonking herself in her dinner.

That was something I wanted to know too as I looked over at Knox.

"That's right." She said as she was devouring the food for want of a better word with how she was eating. It was like she was starving i think.

"Huh, huh." She just mumbled again.

Then I watched as Kevin ran around to her and tugged on her skirt. He wanted her attention and he got it.

"Is there room for me here?" I heard his little voice ask Lesley who was now smiling at him..

She just smiled at him and nodded.

"Maybe you can ask your Mumma to take you for a walk through the house and you can have a look see and choose a room." She said to him with a smile.

" Cute as..Even though he looks like his daddy." We heard her murmur in a very low voice. But not low enough with our hearing.

We saw her face heat up when she realised that we heard her when the kids started giggling at her.

But she just smiled again, shrugged her shoulders and continued eating. Oh my goodness, she can put food away.

"Yes, I think he's cute too even though he takes after his father." I went on to say in a dry tone of voice.

She just grunted as she finished eating and then leaned back and crossed her hands and rested then on her baby bump.

"Ahh. That went down well." She said with a smile on her face.

Then she looked up at everyone again to see them either looking around the large room we were in and looking back at her.

"There is an indoor cellar that is hidden. If you kids find it, tell your mother so she can inspect it. Mr Knox, would you care to join me?" She said to the kids before turning to speak to Mr Knox.

"John. Call me John." Knox suddenly said to her as they both pushed themselves away from the table and then look over at me.

"Did I get us any dessert by chance?" She asked me in a cheeky kind of voice which had us giggling again.

"You come back and find out." I said to me as I started to clean away the dishes from the table with the help of the other kids.

"We'll be outside. Why don't you and the kids check the house out and we'll be back in a bit." She suggested to me as the kids were hurrying to help clean up so they could go and look for that hidden cellar.

I know my kids and if there's apuzzle that needs solving, they are just the right kids to solve it. I watched as Matthew went to join his father who went out the front door to wlook at the property.

Once everything was cleaned, we explored what is possibly our new home. Including the open loft above us that looked like it was a space where kids entertained themselves or do homework or even have sleepovers.

The choices were endless.

Then we explored the bedrooms at the other end of the house, but I thought she said there was more than the four that was here. Each of the bedrooms had their own ensuite which I thought was good, if the kids could keep them cleaned that is.

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