A New Home Part 34

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29th Sept 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

It took us nearly an hour to get organised with the kids as well as going and getting some takeaway for dinner.

I hope Lesley didn't mind, but we got some KFC with a pav for dessert. We also got some cream and fruitt o put onto the top. Pav's were a rare treat in our house unless I actually made them and I have to say that a pavlova is not one that I mastered.

But about an hour later, we were pulling up at hopefully Lesley's house. It looks even much better up close, I thought as Knox helped me climb out. Maybe getting sacked was going to be a good thing for a number of reasons.

One being that I have been so tired lately and I don't think i need to guess what the problem is. But I'll see to that later.

I saw Lesley open the screen door and step out onto the porch smiling at us as we drew closer to her and stepped up onto the porch. I saw her smile too when she saw the bucket of KFC in Danny's hands.

"Come in. I'm glad to made it. You didn't have any trouble finding the place did you?" She said as we joined her near the doorway.

My eyes widened as she invited us inside to see how beautifully it was decorated.

I noticed that she had some of the purchases on display too that I suggested to her when i was in the store.

While the kids and Knox was giving the place a quick look around, I said that the things she bought from the store looked really good.

But she whispered to me that she cancelled that order and went to another store and ordered all the things that I suggested to her. I was surprised that she did that. Then we gave the others our attention again.

They were all looking at how much space there was in here with the way it had been redesigned.

They basically had just one large room for the whole family with an open loft added for the children to sleep in. The parents usually slept in a corner of the room with a blanket hung for privacy.

That was basically what we saw. Only much larger.

"Come into the dining area. You can see the plates and such so grab somehting and if you really don't mind, I am starving. So can you feed the kids first so I can dig in.. please." She pleaded with us all.

I noticed that Knox's lips were twitching as she spoke. I think he likes her for some reason.

Then I noticed that when I was getting the food out as well as looking for plates and cutlery, I saw that Knox and Lesley walked out onto the back porch through a large glass sliding door. It was just a few minutes later when they were back in and wanting to get a feed forthemselves.

The next few minutes were quite enjoyable as we all sat around the large wooden dining table and enjoyed the meal that was in front of us all, especially the kids. And Lesley too by the look of it.

"Did you find everything you needed?" Lesley asked me as she shoved a chip into her mouth.

"Yes, thank you. You have a lovely home." I said to her as I kept looking around.

It reminded me of a cave of sorts with how earthy the house looked. I liked it, alot.

"Oh, this isn't my house." She said to us as she shoved more chicken into her mouth and chomped down on it. What she said shocked us because we thought this was her house.

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