Princess Diana's Death

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Hello everyone! I really don't have much of an introduction this time...(._.) Sorry...

Princess Diana was the beautiful, smart, princess of Wales, until the fatal car crash of 1997 that ended her life.
Further investigations concluded that the paparazzi were a good distance from the Mercedes, and surely wouldn't have been the cause of the accident.

Later as officials were reviewing the evidence, the jury decided it was an unlawful killing by driver, Henri Paul.
Dodi, Diana's boyfriend, and son of business man, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

Al-Fayed later on insisted that Diana and his son were murdered. I know how crazy that sounds but their is some pretty relevant evidence I'm getting ready to show you all.

Both Paul and Dodi died instantly as the car was spinning out of control, but Diana survived just three hours until her injuries got the best of her.
So the theory is that Princess Diana was immediately killed by British secret service, known as the "MI6" due to the fact the they didn't want Diana to marry Dodi. They didn't want a possible future child or Diana to convert to Islam. It would embarrass the monarchy.
A little white car, known as the Fiat Uno was following the Mercedes into the tunnel before it crashed.
It was a white car, never officially found, but their was white paint on the Mercedes proving that the cars had collided.

The MI6 member in charge of this was known as Richard Tomlinson. The proof behind him murdering the two is that, before the car crash he used a paid informant to stay at the Ritz hotel, which was owned by Dodi's father.
The information about this was sent to Henri Paul.

Weird right? That's all I have for now, this one is long so I might do a part two!

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