Chapter 7 - Marcy

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Marcy's POV

I walked into school with Jake and Garret on either side of me. They felt like they needed to protect me for some reason, I didn't really understand why but I let them anyways, I was too tired to argue. I had gotten little sleep because all night I was haunted by my mother's cries and whimpers coming from her room and I couldn't get my brain to shut off and let me rest, I couldn't get over everything the pack Doctor told me.

Jake and Garret knew I wasn't feeling very well and that I hadn't gotten much sleep, and they tried to get me to stay home, Jake even offered his room to me so I could get away from my mum, but I couldn't miss anymore school, and to be honest I desperately needed out of the house.

Lexi walked up to Jake, twirling her hair around her way-to-long hot pink finger nailed finger.

"Hello Alpha, why haven't you called me? I've barely gotten to see you lately..." She said trailing her hands over his chest. Jake looked furious, but Lexi obviously wasn't getting the memo from him completely ignoring her every move.

"Lexi, do yourself a favor and quit gagging around! Bloody hell, Jake isn't interested in you and Garret isn't either! I really feel quite bad for whomever the unlucky soul is that was cursed to be mated to the likes of you!" I screamed at her. Everyone around froze and stared at our small group, mainly at me chewing Lexi out. Slowly everyone started clapping for me, and that turned into cheering. Smirking, I started walking to class but before I even made it to the corridor Lexi was screaming at me from behind.

"You little bitch! Everyone knows you're an orphan! That's the only reason Jake and Garret are still hanging around with you, they feel sorry for you! You aren't mated to them and you aren't of ranking blood so why in bloody hell else would they! They pity you! I should've known that was why all along." She said, smirking and crossing her arms across her chest. I wanted so badly to walk over and slap all twenty layers of her make up off.

"Mar, calm down. It's okay, you know it's not true and so does everyone else." Garret whispered in my ear, which did relax me a little.

Suddenly I noticed Jake was no longer standing to my left, instead he was stalking towards Lexi. He pushed her up against a wall and held her to it by her throat.

"Listen you little mutt and listen fucking good. I'm your alpha and I won't stand for you attacking any members of my pack, especially Marcy. And you better not ever lie about me again. If I hear one word about you attacking anyone I will not hesitate to banish you from the pack. Do you understand me?" Jake snarled at her, his claws starting to come out cut into her throat slightly, not enough to seriously hurt her though.

"Y-yes Alpha." She got out between gasps and he dropped her, letting her fall to the ground before stalking back over to us and pulling his arm around me. It was awkward to have his arm there, but I allowed it considering all the past events, and somehow it felt right.

"Lets go." Jake said, pulling us away from the scene we had semi created.

In first period I was sitting with the only girl in the pack I really considered my friend other than Raven, Jade. Jade was a little shorter than me, around five foot four, and very skinny. She had natural tan skin and long curly pitch black hair. Her name wasn't really Jade, it was Anastasia, but everyone called her Jade because her eyes were jade green, and always had been. Jade wasn't very girly, she liked to skateboard and like me, she was friends with Jake and Garret along with some other guys from the pack, although she did have a few she-wolf friends.

"Did you hear?" She asked, looking at me with an exciting look in her eyes, Jade's one weakness was gossip.

"That Jake attacked Lexi and almost ripped her throat out? Yeah it was kind of over me." I said nonchalantly and continued to copy my work down.

"No, about the new girl! Wait what?!" She shirked the last part and I smirked and put my best innocent look on.

"I'll tell you at lunch, now whose the new girl?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me again.

"She looks just like you! But... not. She's got the same features as you but she has really pale skin and her hair is darker than mine! And her eyes are grey like yours were when you were younger." Jade gushed to me.

"Hair darker than yours? Sacrebleu, what a tragedy!" I mocked with a gasp and my best French accent.

"Haha, so funny. Oh and she's French too! Her father died Monday I heard and her Aunt shipped her off here to finish schooling." Jade told me, matter-o-factly. That's really weird, Monday was when my father died too...

"Poor girl." I mumbled under my breathe, I would hate to be her right now.

"Oh, and I'm pretty sure she's a vampire. She smells foul! Like death and lemons."

"Great, that's the last thing Jake need's right now is another vampire chick coming in our territory."

"Another?" she gave me a worried look and I turned my arm over, pulling my sleeve back to show her the scar from where that little brat bit me. Jade gasped and hugged me, she could be so dramatic sometimes.

"Jade, I'm fine. You can let me go now." I said as I tried to push her off me. She pulled away and gave me an apologetic smile just as our teacher walked in and class started.

I needed to tell Jake about the new girl, hopefully before she runs into Jake or Garret.

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