tsukishima kei

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EDITED: 6/17/21

I'm over at my boyfriend's place to study for the exams. I'm not good with my studies, but he is, so I asked him to help me out. It did take a few convincing and bribing.

"Kei..?" I call out, and he just hums. "Help me with Math."

"What are you having trouble with?" I show him my notebook, and he starts explaining what to do. "Eyes on your notes." He says, lightly knocking his pen on my forehead. "Focus."

"Hey.." He raises his brow, and I can feel myself sink in. "Can we take a break?"

"From what?" What else..?

"Studying." He nods and starts putting things aside. "Will you get us snacks from the kitchen? I'm a bit.. hungry.."

"You want food?" I nod, and he heads out.

I look around his room, feeling a bit upset but happy that all I see in his room are dinosaur figures. There's nothing of us in here. I guess it's because he's male, and they tend to be.. less, especially him with his attitude.

It's cute how he has dinosaur figures and magazines all over his room. Kei never said he likes them. I never found out about it before coming here today. He's secretive about himself.

Kei heads inside with a tray of food, and I smile at the look of everything being strawberry. Another thing I just found out about... he likes strawberries, but I never knew because he never told me.

I take a few snacks, and he sits on the other end of the bed as he goes through his phone. It feels really awkward. This wasn't what I had in mind when I thought of coming here.. I might've thought too much.

"Kei.." He glances at me, and I sigh. "Do you love me?" I hate myself for not having enough self-esteem and self-confidence.

"Stop that."

I put the snacks back and continue studying. He's not minding me at all. I can't stop overthinking. I just want to be assured. He can at least just.. say something.

I head to the bathroom and try to calm down. If I break down in front of him, he'll be mad. I need to calm down. He's not someone who's happy with crybabies.

I return to his room, and he checks on me by taking glances, but I just ignore him and continue studying. He takes the seat next to me and starts studying again.

My head is not getting any new information from the stress. I shouldn't have asked him to study with me. It was a bad idea.. I shouldn't have.. This is a bad idea. I can't stop thinking about it.

I brush my hair back in frustration and take a deep breath. "(Y/n), do you need help?" I shake my head, and he just looks at me. "I can help if.."

"I'm fine." He brings a hand to my face, and I swat it off. "I said I'm fine, Kei."

"Then why are you crying?" I wipe my cheeks and find them wet. I turn away from him and continue studying as I wipe my cheeks. "(Y/n), you have to tell me what's wrong--"

"Just leave me alone, Kei." He grabs my wrists and turns me to him. "Kei, please.." I hand my head low, letting my tears fall to my lap.

"Is it because I told you not to ask--"

"No! That's just.. no..." I mean, it can give me some assurance, but it's not why I'm upset. "Just leave me alone.. I don't want to talk about it.."

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