||Chapter 29||

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(Y/n)'s POV

I sighed, it's almost time. I don't know what to do.

Wait, I can hang out with Will!

I went put of the house and looked for Will. I saw Mabel and thought maybe she could know where he is. I did and went towards her, she saw me and immediately hugged me. I was sudden by her action but then hugged back.

She then pulled back, "(Y/n)! It's almost time for you to leave. I don't want you to leave!" She whined, she was like a kid who stole her ice cream. I chuckled.

"Don't worry Mabel, I'll come back. Promise." She nodded, "Anyways, do you know where Will is?"

She then thought for a moment and nodded, "He was near the lake. I don't really know the exact place though." I then nodded and said goodbye to Mabel then went at the lake. When I was there, I started searching for him.

If I was Will....where would I be...?

Oh! I know! He likes a quiet and peaceful place. I started searching a quiet place near the lake. While searching, I heard a very loud splashing of water. I walked through the forest and saw that there was a waterfalls. Huh, it's really beautiful.

The waterfall was just connected near the lake. How come I never noticed that?

I then saw Will sitting down and looking at the waterfalls, "Hi Will!" I greeted then sat next to him, "H-hi

"I just want to ask you something." He looked at me, waiting for my question. I sighed, I don't think he know I'm leaving, "Did you know that I'm going back to my hometown this Sunday?"

He had this shock expression then shook his head, "I'm so sorry Will if i didn't inform you quickly. I just-" But then my sentence was cut off when Will stand up, "I'm sorry, I-i ha-have t-to go.." With that he disappeared. I sighed, I didn't want Will to be sad.

I go back where I came from and saw Mabel, talking to someone. I went towards them, "Hello again! Sorry for interrupting." Mabel looked at me then smiled.

"Don't worry, he is just a friend." She said then the person said goodbye and walked away. I wonder who's that person is. Oh well, "So? Did you find Will?" I sighed and nodded. She looked at me confused but told her that it was nothing. Mabel decided that we'll have lunch at the Greasy Diner.

When we were there, we took our order then sat down. We started talking and make jokes. Then a question popped on my head, "Uhm, Mabel? What ever happened to your show?" Mabel sighed.

"The fans were disappointed when we disbanded the show. Since Dipper wasn't around anymore, I can't perform alone." I then nervously laugh, "Hahaha....yeah....about that..." I scratched the back of my neck. How can I tell her this?

"About what?"

"Oh nothing! Look our order have arrived!" I said, changing the topic. She got distracted, we ate our food and just roam around the town. I sighed, "What's the matter?" I looked at Mabel then shook my head.

The matter is that I'll be leaving...

Maybe when I graduated from college, I can stay here. Plus I know Mom would allow me since she's a really nice person. Yeah, I guess that a good idea.

"Want to saviour this moment with a picture?" I nodded and Mabel got her phone. She then take a selfie of us.

"Do you want to go to the library? There's some cool books that you can read there." Mabel suggested. I agreed and went to the library. I was surprised because there was so many books, I got excited and started searching for a good book to read.

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