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Jason and I had been living at Wayne Manor for a couple months. I was in the dark on what was happening in Star City with Adrian. I wasn't too worried about it, though. I knew the team was handling it fine.

Right now, Jason and I were out looking at houses. They were in a nicer area of Gotham. It was a little farther away from Wayne Manor, which I didn't like. We were leaving a neighborhood when I saw a house that looked like it had been on fire.

It was weird it hadn't been rebuilt or renovated yet. I shrugged it off as we headed into downtown Gotham.

"Maybe we should just get a penthouse like we did in Star." I suggested

"You said you want a house." Jason said

"Yeah, but I also don't wanna be far from the manor in case something happens." I replied

"Well, we'll go look at some penthouses tomorrow then." He replied.

"Sounds good." I said.

I looked at the mess of Gotham City. It was a beautiful city, but crime always ruined it. We came to a stop light and waited. I saw Bruce's car drive by and smiled. But the smile quickly vanished when someone in a van hit it, head on.

"Stay here Kayla." Jason said getting out and running over to the car. Someone in the van got out and with a small handgun.

I saw Alfred get out of the car. Jason said something to him and then a gunshot went off. I then saw Bruce and Damian get out of the car. The three of them didn't have much damage.

Bruce saw the guy with the gun and ran to him and attacked him. Self-defense. Jason got Damian and Alfred in the car for safety. The guy who hit the car was quickly disarmed. Jason kicked the gun away and checked the van for anyone else. Nothing.

I got out of the car and went over to them. A few other civilians got out of their cars and looked at what happened. Damian and Alfred got out as well.

"Master Bruce, I'd say someone is out to get you." Alfred commented.

"I'm not surprised," Bruce said.

A few cops arrived, an ambulance, and a tow truck. Bruce car was ok. The van was towed away and the driver was arrested. Everyone was checked and was ok. Thank god. Jason and I told Bruce we'd meet him back at the manor.

We got back in the car and drove off to the manor. We arrived a few minutes before Bruce, Damian, and Alfred. Jason went down to the cave and I went up to our room.

I walked into our room upstairs and looked at the unpacked boxes. I sighed and grabbed my laptop and sat on the bed. I went online and looked for some penthouse near the manor. I found a couple that looked decent.

After awhile Jason came up, sweaty as hell.

"Taking your issues out on a punching bag?" I asked

"Yep." He replied walking towards the bathroom.

"Go shower. I don't wanna kiss my sweaty fiancé." I joked.

"Really?" Jason said and walked over to me.

"I'm serious Jay, go shower." I said

"I will, just one second." he said and planted a kiss on my lips.

I kissed back and smiled. "Get a room." Came the voice of the residential 10-year-old in the manner. Jason and I pulled away and looked at Damian.

"We do, but you're in it," Jason replied then went to shower.

"Queen, the father wants to talk to you," Damian said then walked away.

I sighed and got up from the bed and found Bruce in his study. I knocked before I walked in. Bruce was looking out the window at his estate.

"What's up to Bruce?" I asked

"I wanted to check in on you. Your due in about two weeks. Have you and Jason found a place yet?" He asked looking at me "Not that I don't mind you guys staying here."

"We've been looking at houses in the better parts of Gotham, but they are all too far from the Manor. I don't wanna be too far from here in case something happened. We're going to look at penthouse tomorrow." I told him

"Ok. And if need help, we're happy to help. In any way." Bruce said

"Thanks Bruce, but Jason and I are doing fine. I will let you know if we do need anything. Thank you, though." I said

"Anytime." He said

I walked out of the study and went back to mine and Jason's room. I opened the door and saw Jason putting a shirt on. I sat back down on the bed and opened up my laptop and went back to looking at penthouses near the manor.

Soon, Alfred had called us all for dinner. We all sat down at the table and at our food with a side of conversation. After dinner, the guys got ready to go on patrol. Alfred went down to the cave if they needed assistance. I went to take a shower and sleep. It had been a long day.

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