A Job For Knox Part 33

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29th Sept 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

It has been a bit hard for Knox to get a stable job over the past couple of yeras.

Most of the time he has been using the little pension he has been getting since being discharged on little things that the kids needed.

But I wasn't worried about it. I was making enough with cleaning and washing to look after us all. But I know that men like to be the bread winners. I suggested to him that he might want to go back and work for Mr Green again

Little Aleesa was three years old now and as with her older sisters, they adored their brothers and especially their father. It didn't bother him that the kids were all over him and his prosthetics. They didn't see him as any different.

Of course with the kids, we had to remodel the inside of the van somewhat so that all of us fit in much better than we had before the youngest was born.

It also helped that i was able to get a real job that I was able to attend to four days a week. It was in a homewares shop where I deal with customers that come in looking for certain items they need for renovating.

I have been going through the new stock out the back when I heard someone come in. So closing the door to the storeroom, I went to the front knowing that I was the only one here at the moment.

I saw a young woman who was obviously pregnant standing just inside the door looking around.

"Hello, can I help you?" I asked the young lady who swung around and smiled at me when she saw me coming towrads her.

"I hope you can. I've recently finished restoring a hundred year old house and I need some certain furnishings for it that I hope you can help with." She said to me which sounded interesting.

"That must have been a challenge. I imagine it must look really nice now too." I said to her with a smile as I watched her look around.

"Yes, it is. Have you got any cushions similar to the barber poles they use to have?" She asked me which surprised me. She obviously knows the current trends, but I'm thinking if it's an old house, it would depend on the type of old house that was restored.

" Was it a town house that was restored?" I asked her watching as she touched this chair or that table.

"No. It's an old farm house that we restored and renovated with a couple of extensions. I'm very happy with how it turned out." She was saying with a smile.

"If you don't mind my asking, is that the old farmhouse out on the Abbeyville Road heading to Macon? The whole town has been talking about how nice it looks from what they can see from the road driving passed." I asked her hoping I wasn't too forward.

"Yes it is. My husband gave it to me before he ran off with his bloody mistress. The ink wasn't even dry on the wedding certificate when they left. So I've had it done up for our baby as part of it's inheritance one day." She was saying to me.

"My name is Neena Collins. If Knox had his way, it would be Knox. But I'm stubborn where he's concerned." I said to her before thinking about what I was actually saying.

I went a little red in the face when I thought of the blunder I think I just did.

I felt the young lady gentl run her hand down my arm bringing my attention back to her to see her standing there smiling.

I couldn't help myself but tell her about Knox and our children, all seven of them.

The young lady who said her name was Lesley, said that she was looking forward to when her baby was going to be born. She was somewhat shy about speaking about it.

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