An Enlarged Family Part 32

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This is the kind of bunk room I would have in the van for the boys.

29th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Damn, but this childbirthing is hard work. I thought as I huffed and puffed through another contraction while Knox rubbed at my lower back like he was doing.

" Stop f#*%ing touching me." I growled at him.

There are times when I don't mind his touch, but as for right now, I wish he'd just keep his damn hands to himself.

Then as I felt the contraction finally ebbing away, I relaxed back on the bed catching my breath again for the upteenth time in the last few hours. I've been at this all morning. I think I have had enough.

You would think I would be used to going through this since I have had more than a couple of kids, but whoever said that should have their tongue cut out, the damn liars.

It doesn't get easier. It hurts still the same as every other baby I have given birth to. Feeling another contraction begin, I know that with the frequency that they have increased by is telling me that I will soon be going through the second stage of this horrible, horrible labour.

Puffing and huffing, breathing through my nose and blowing out through the mouth in a controlled and steady breath was the only thing that was helping me.

Every now and again, I would still my tongue out and I would then have Knox place a sliver of ice on it for me to suck on so my mouth didn't dry out too much.

After this last contraction, I decided to sit up on the side of the bed for a moment before getting up onto my feet.

With Knox's help, I was able to do that and once standing, I rested my hands on his shoulders with my head resting against his chest as I swayed my hips from side to side. I went through half a dozen contractions doing this before I decided to take a walk.

When Knox suggested I stay where we were, I suggested giving him a vasectomy with a blunt spoon. He didn't know what to do about that since I was still holding onto him at the time.

The look on his face made me give a giggle sort of.

It reminded me of when he fainted when he found out I was pregnant with Trachelle. And yes, she is a girl.

Knox was horrified when he found out I was pregnant because of his experience when his wife Patricia had Daniel and died a few moments after that.

Knox was thinking that I was going to die like she did.

Of course, a few kicks to the ribs as well as a kick in the arse was my response which had him running for the hills. He's an idiot for comparing me to her. The fool.

" I'm not anything like her thank you very much." I growled at him when he eventually came grovelling back later that night.

Then I sat down and told the kids that there will be another baby in the family by the end of the year. The only one who had anything to say that made sense was Sasha.

She wanted to know how the baby got here. So I told her.

The look on all the kids faces, especially the boys faces was comical to a degree.

They kept looking down at themselves, then at me and then at their father. They looked horrified, all three of them.

Sasha of course, took it all in her little stride. She even went on to say that she would like a little sister as the boys were too soft to play with.

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