Part 2

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Samantha's POV

I felt a hand crawling on my back. I was well aware of the owner of the hand and the feelings he generates within my body. He thinks he owns me, but I am not going to let him win. This is war.

His hand stopped at the base of my waist, trying to find the gap between my pj's top and bottom. I tightened my top, not allowing any gap, but his hand managed to wriggle in between and forced itself in. His fingers started caressing my abdomen and moved towards my navel. I held my breath in, to contain the storm brewing within my sensitive areas.

His fingers pinched my navel and poked his finger inside. I curved my body and tightened my thighs, as fireworks started exploding all over my body. His hand moved up, feeling the edges of my bra, trying to gain entry. I waited patiently till his fingers were within my reach, then bent my face down and bit his finger. He immediately receded back, frustrated at not able to get inside.

My victory lap didn't last long as his hand started its downward journey, crossing the navel point, towards the valley. I quickly moved my hands down to arrest his advance, but my arms weren't a match to his strong hands as he slipped his hand inside my panties. I tightened my thighs, not allowing him any room, but he pinched me so hard and reached down to touch my core. I couldn't keep quiet anymore.

"No!" I shouted and opened my eyes.

I woke up sweating.

"Damn! It was the same dream again, just a different version. I need to do something. The sexual tension is killing me."

I got off the bed, relieved that he was not real, but the feelings he generated were very real. I stretched to relax my muscles and let the sweet pain subside, before dealing with the reality.

I was actually looking forward to this day. It was kind of special day for me. I was very excited and eagerly jumped into my daily morning routine. After a quick fifteen minute yoga, I brushed my teeth and finished my early morning routine with a hot water shower.

By the time, I finished my morning routine, my  mom was ready with breakfast and my packed lunch box.

If you are wondering, I was twenty six and still living with my parents - yes, I do. It was  very convenient, made my life easy and my parents happy.

I grabbed my lunch box and rushed downstairs to the the car park. My precious Audi - my second love was right there waiting for me. I spent all my money on precious and love it to death.

If you are still wondering - who my first love was? - It was that idiot who bothered me every night and was wreaking havoc within my heart and body

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If you are still wondering - who my first love was? - It was that idiot who bothered me every night and was wreaking havoc within my heart and body. In fact, I actually met him only briefly and didn't see him in the last six months, but it didn't  matter, he managed to build a permanent tent in my heart and had been playing with me every night, since then.

I managed to conquer the heavy traffic with my Audi and reached office before time. I swiped my ID through security and reached my office. I looked around the floor and counted the number of empty cubes. "Today they all will be gone", I thought. It was a big day for Tsoft and for me too. I then proceeded to my office. It was my den, from where I ruled the entire floor of software development teams.

I opened my email and started going through the various project reports from my technical leads, waiting for the phone to ring. Exactly after ten minutes, it rang. I picked it up and answered, knowing fully well the purpose of the call.

"I will be there." I answered and picked my handbag.

The reason for me being so happy - Tsoft was merging with Perl Systems Ltd, making it a bigger and more profitable company. I was promoted to the position of  Director of Development and given complete control over development resources for both the companies.

I had been looking forward to it for a few weeks now. It was the next successful step in my career and where I wanted to be. I worked very hard and put in long hours, day after day, to achieve this position. I gave up my social life and sacrificed a lot on personal front to get there. I was very happy with my achievements so far, except for that one regret - him - my dream prince, and it was his fault.

I went towards the waiting limo, where my counterparts, Venk and Mani, were waiting for me. After I went in and took a corner seat, I saw the hesitation on their faces, unable to decide, who should sit by my side. To get things moving, I made the decision to make their life easy and moved to the middle.

They both were good guys and in their late thirties, but in the beginning, they attributed my success to my good looks. After working with them on few projects, I gained their confidence and respect, but they still get little bit fidgety in my presence. I know the effect, I have on my male colleagues, but I could understand their point of view and work with them to overcome such feelings, not giving away anything from my side. I don't have time in my life for dating or boyfriends. By the time I reach home, it gets late and I am so tired, I fall asleep in seconds.

We reached the offices of Perl Systems and were escorted to the board room for meetings. After getting their employee list, I asked the staff to arrange for a town hall meeting with all the employees. After everyone assembled in the meeting room, I addressed them.

"Hello everybody! Good afternoon ! How are you guys doing today? My name is Samantha and I am the director of development and am responsible for all the projects currently under development in both the firms. I want to welcome you all to Tsoft. It is a very exciting time in the industry and there are many opportunities for everyone to learn and grow with the combined resources of both the companies ..."

I kept on talking without even looking at my notes. I spent almost a week, preparing for the speech and was very confident about convincing everyone to work for Tsoft. I went around the room, looking at each and every employee's face, to see the reaction in their eyes and guage their commitment.

I was almost half way through them, when suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Those eyes, "OMG! It's him. What is he doing here? I didn’t know he worked here. Damn! I should have checked the names closely. Shoot! He is going to work for me. I am his boss now - can I handle him?"

My throat went dry and I realized, I had stopped speaking and he was looking straight into my eyes. Everyone was looking at me. I forgot my speech. I closed my eyes and shutdown the roaring sound coming from my heart and looked at my notes and continued the speech without looking at anyone.

I finished my speech and bolted out of the room, maintaining a calm posture outward, but there was a huge storm raging inside me. I didn't prepare for this situation.  I should have. I know he was in the same industry and at some point we would run into each other.

"I need to think this through, I can't give up my dreams, just because he is going to work for me. I need to be strong and act like a leader. I cannot show him my emotions and weakness for him."

On my way back home, I was lost in the thought, thinking how I met him six months back.

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