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Stiles gazed at the being in front of him. The wolf seemed... Proud. He sniffed the air and looked at the Pack questioningly, like what's wrong guys? Is there something on my face?

It was Peter who spoke. "Ah! Derek, you've finally evolved.. Its about time." To that, 'Derek' growled at Peter, irritated.

The wolf was big and beautiful, his tail was bushy and his ruby eyes had that always-irritated hint of Derek Hale, the brooding alpha.

He walked down the stairs with an irritated huff, window light shining off of the sleek black fur. They followed him into the living room, unsure and confused.

Derek seemed to be looking for something. He jumped on to the sofa and grabbed a blanket with his teeth, tugging it over himself with difficulty. Jackson seemed to catch on what he meant and helped out.

"I wondered what triggered it." Peter muttered, causing the others to look at him for a moment. When they turned back, human Derek was just sitting up, adjusting the blanket over his lower half.

"Well it turns out I wasn't sick. Just evolving." Derek stated.

Peter smiled fondly. "Awwww. Did Derek find his mate?" He teased. Luckily, Derek controlled his heartbeat enough to say "I don't think so." Peter narrowed his eyes, suspicious.

"I think so." Erica piped up, nudging Allison and Lydia. "You don't go out on one night stands anymore."

Derek's eyes widened and the rest of the pack turned to Erica in amused interest. "One night stands?" Scott teased, wiggling his eyebrows at Derek who put his head back and groaned.

"Like twice a month he would leave for the night, only coming back in the morning near lunch. You know, typical lonely Derek stuff." Derek growled as a warning not to piss him off, Erica grinned widely. "But last month and the month before, he didn't. Which obviously means he has a more personal interest."

She was obviously right, Derek knew this. She was spot on. But the look she gave Lydia and Allison made him suspicious. He narrowed his eyes at the three. They knew something.

"I'm going to change into some clothes." He said, standing up with the blanket half balled up in his fist, heading upstairs. As soon as he left the room erupted in conversation, the female trio texting furiously on their iPhones.

Stiles sat listening to the lists of theories as to why Derek had evolved, thoughtful. Isaac, Peter and the girls thought it was because of a new love interest, and the others thought it wasn't. They were debating about it and it was doing Stiles' head in.

"I know my big brother," Cora enthused, trying to convince Boyd. "If he's in love, he wont tell a soul."

Boyd snorted. "Derek Hale being in love is like Meghan Trainor being anorexic. Not a damn chance."

He stood up, ignored and left for the porch. He leaned on the wooden bannister, too lost in thought to hear Derek come up next to him. He looked at the alpha, questioningly.

"The reason as to why you have evolved is a mystery to me." He tilted his head, facing him. "But do you know why? I'm not asking you to tell me what it is I'm just asking if you know why."

Derek looked him right in the eye with a little smile, it made Stiles' heart squeal a little. "yes."

"Okay." He said softly. Derek could hear his heart beating a little quickly and he liked that he had that effect on Stiles.

Derek spoke up suddenly. "I know you all are behind the door." He opened said door, and would you look at that! They fell through the doorway in a pile. Stiles crossed his arms, glaring. Derek thought he looked cute when he was angry.


"Sorry mom," Jackson whined. "but we wanted to know what Da-he said. He'd tell you."

Stiles barked out a laugh. "I don't think he's keen on sharing, you should respect that." He turned to Derek as they walked out, the mans lip was twitching like crazy.

"what?" He asked and Derek couldn't hold the smile any longer, he laughed. Stiles liked the sound of his laugh.

"You were serious about the whole 'Mom' thing, huh. Its funny that Jackson, who kinda used to bully you, is now taking orders from you and calling you that."

Just then, Scott poked his head through the door. "Hey Stiles, um I cant go with you to get clothes. I'm going with Allison... So um sorry I guess." He gave him a guilty smile and left. Stiles groaned.

"I could take you." Derek suggested and Stiles blinked. "I mean it wont take that long right? And we could pick up pizza for the pack because its a bit late."

Derek looked a little nervous. Stiles nodded "okay." And they went to the jeep.

The pizza boxes warmed Derek's lap as they drove down the empty highway.

Stiles often snuck glances at the alpha when he wasn't looking, trying to figure him out. Derek opened one of the boxes and stuck a slice in his mouth as he closed it. "I was hungry." He explained.

The drive was quiet and peaceful. The stars were bright in the sky and the crescent moon was lighting the highway. All was well until Derek sat up. His nose twitched, he inhaled deeply.

"What is it?" Stiles asked, agitated.

Derek looked at him with a hint of fear in his eyes. "Wendigos." He said. "Lots of them."

Stiles began to drive faster, keen on their destination. Home had never felt so sweet-sounding in his life. He felt Derek's hand near his and he clutched it, he didn't care what he would say later. He needed it. Derek squeezed his hand in return, eyes glassy. He had to protect Stiles. He wouldn't live with himself if he got maimed or killed.

He looked at the boy in his eyes, guilty and fearful. "They're not going to get us." Stiles muttered as he saw flashes of white eyes in the tree line. That was a total lie of course, but Derek didn't feel like he needed to say that.

They heard two loud Pop's as the jeep slowed to a stop. "They popped the tires!" Stiles exclaimed now really scared. Once the car stopped, they got out. There was nothing else to do but get out, if they didn't, they'd get them for sure.

Still holding hands, Derek flashed his eyes and growled, trying to look intimidating. They heard cackling laughter.

"Get on my back. I can run the rest of the way home and we can come for the jeep in the morning." Stiles didn't need another invitation, he jumped on the alphas back and gripped tightly with his legs, keeping balance as Derek started to run.

He looked to the side of him and nearly fell over in fear and surprise.

Running languidly at the same pace were about three of the wendigos. They smiled at Stiles, showing their razor sharp teeth, mocking him. That was the worst part, the realization that you would get caught, before you actually got caught.

As he called for Derek to run faster, something tripped him and sent them both sprawling into unconsciousness.




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