When You Save Them

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The people surrounding him were strong. Stronger than he had anticipated. He was pushing back, trying to get back to base but was more injured than he would care to admit.

The sight of (h/c) flashed by him and he turned just in time to see you attack two of the guys, giving him enough time to make it back quietly.

Groaning, he sat on his bed as he stitched and closed up his wounds.

"Man, you look like shit." He didn't need to look up to know you were smirking.

"Since you're still alive I'm assuming you took care of those rogue nin?"

"Not completely." You laughed and walked over to help him with his injuries. "They were pretty tough so I was only able to create a diversion to throw them off. But I'm pretty surprised you had trouble."

"I wasn't in my best condition. It was a bad judgment call on my part." He grabbed your hand, stopping your movement and looked into your eyes. "I'm proud of you, though. You handled the situation well. Thank you."

After a moment of silence, you stifled a laugh and pushed his shoulder to lie him on the bed before you got up to leave the room.

"Being sweet isn't really your thing. Rest up, I'll come back to check up on you later."


"Come on, come on." You were out of breath and the chakra trail was thinning out. She was close and you knew it but the rough terrain made navigating hard. Just as the trail dispersed, a small paper butterfly fluttered around and went back the way it came to lead you to Konan.

You hid behind the trees and evaluated the situation. There was an army of ninja and you were never a very strong Jutsu user. But you could cause a diversion.

Making sure no one could hear you, you bit down on your thumb and conjured a few hand signs before placing your palm on the ground. Smoke engulfed the area and the confused voices of the ninja could be heard as you slowly emerged from the smoke on the back of a large, lavender colored moth.

While the ninja was distracted by your sudden appearance, Konan was able to make a quiet escape.

When you were sure she had enough time, you flew off and your summoned creature returned home as you approached the end of the fresh chakra trail.

"Thank you." Her voice called out as you entered the clearing and you smiled gently.

"It was nothing, you would've helped me out too." You scratched the back of your neck sheepishly as she smiled softly at your shy demeanor, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.

"You're right, I would have. Now let's get going. I'm quite tired."


"Honestly Hidan, I'm not even surprised anymore."

"This isn't a damn joke (Y/n)."

"I don't know. I find this rather funny." You snorted back a laugh as you held his head in your hands.

"(Y/n)!" He glared up at you and you rolled your eyes before walking off to look for the rest of him.

"I hear ya! Jeez, don't get your panties in a bunch." Now it was his turn to roll his eyes. "This is why you shouldn't piss Kakuzu off. Seriously, when will you learn?"

After about an hour you had found almost all of him. After fishing his arms out of the gutters and dragging his legs away from the local animals, all you needed was his torso. However, you had no idea where it could've been.

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