Chapter 8

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"So, does this mean I'm fired?"

Dominic sighed but did not answer.

We had been driving for less than a minute, but already the blaring silence that enveloped the entire vehicle was too much for my inebriated, anxiety driven mind to handle.

My eyes scoured over the inner workings of the police car, taking in all of the buttons and knobs that were urging me on and pulling on the strings of my rebellious, curious nature and begging to be played with.

Without thinking, I lunged forward in my seat.

"What does this do?"


"Oh fuck! This is so cool!" I cried out in excitement as the signature police siren rang out all around us and filled the air.

"Kat," I heard Dominic scold me in a deeply displeased voice just as he reached his hand out and shut off the siren.

"No! That's not fun anymore," I said with what I knew was a prominent pout fixed onto my lips.

Promptly, I reached my hand back out and flipped the siren switch on again.

"Kat, stop," Dominic ground out through clenched teeth as he once again turned the siren off.


Siren on.


Siren off.

"Stop that!"

Siren on.

"It's my car!"

Siren off.

"Mr. Reed!"

This time, as I went to reach for the switch once again, Dominic had apparently had quite enough of our little game. As quick as lightening, the car came to a jarring stop and his hand flew out to stop mine.

Then, there was the distinct and unmistakable sound of handcuffs being clicked and locked.

My mouth fell agape as I yanked my hand, the cold metal of the handcuff ring around my one hand biting into my skin and alerting me to what had just happened.

"You handcuffed me to your car?!"

It was only one of my hands and it was thrust back and connected indefinitely to the railed barricade that separated the criminals in the back from the police in the front.

"You didn't give me much of a choice."

"I was just having fun," I grumbled out, my mood having plummeted as I sank down in the passenger seat and proceeded to try and squeeze my hand through the tight space of the handcuff.

The alcohol was helping dull the pain as I verbally groaned and crushed my tiny hand bones together, pinching my fingers as small as the could go and pulled and pulled until I couldn't pull anymore.

It was no use. The handcuffs had effectively locked me in place.

And the inventor of the handcuffs rests soundly in his grave.

But then, cocking my head to the side curiously as I gazed at the metal cuffs, an erotic, thrilling idea pulsed through my mind and a sly smile lifted up onto my lips.

"You know... these could be a lot of fun too."

Turning my head towards Dominic, I fastened my alluring stare to the side of his handsome face and felt the sensuality of the moment pull through my body with each next word from my mouth.

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