Chapter 15

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Sorry that U/P (Unbroken Promises) didn't get updated. Blame One Direction. I may end up deleting it as well because I feel it's a bit more personal and stuff. Maybe, though.


I hurry home after school. Mum is still at work, so I have to catch the bus home.

I rush upstairs and change out of my smelly sports uniform. Halfway through the day, the rain stopped and it became very humid, with the temperature shooting up to 38 degrees unexpectedly. Unfortunately, because every weather bureau or website didn't expect the sudden change in weather, I went to school wearing a long sleeved top under my sports shirt and my track pants, expecting a cool 18 degrees. I swear that the temperature getting 20 degrees warmer than expected is a record of unexpectedness.

I pull out my bathing suit and put it on. Stuffing things that may be needed into my sports bag, I memorise the sentence that I heard during home class that morning.

The best way that I found to overcome sadness from love is to forgive those who have made it hard, and to try and fix things.

I zip up the bag and run out of the house onto the beach. I look for a spot on the sand on the full beach. Not a single space for me to lie down.

I find a nearby bush and hide my sports bag in it, out of sight. I take a deep breath before running through the mob of people and into the refreshing water. I run out until I'm about knee deep before diving in and swimming out slightly further.

My head breaks the surface and I push myself onto my back, letting the sun's rays hit my face. Since I'm naturally a beach girl, the salt water and blazing sun is relaxing to me. It makes me forget all of my worries in just a few seconds.

I float around for a while, letting go of all the bad things in my life. What's a better way to do it than in the ocean, where they would just float away.

I keep my eyes closed as I let the waves roll underneath me, and my arms sway naturally.

How long has it been since you've felt this relaxed? A voice in my head asks me. It has actually been a while. I haven't actually felt so relaxed since before I met Cody.

Cody? Another voice in my head asks me. Why are you thinking of Cody? You are supposed to be relaxing, you know!

My relaxation ends there and I make my way back to the bush where my things are. I pull back the branches.

No bag.

It must be here somewhere. I look in every bush nearby, thinking that I probably got the bush confused for another. After about thirty seconds of searching, I give up and slide down to the sandy ground, my head in my hands.

"Looking for something?" a familiar voice asks me after a few more seconds. It doesn't sound like the nicest voice, either.

I look up after a few seconds to see Annabelle, holding my favourite sports bag in her right hand. I look up at her and glare.

Annabelle smirks. "Keep glaring at me and I'll chuck this thing in the bin."

I shake my head, forcing the glare to go away and reach out for my bag. Annabelle smoothly moves her arm back so that I can't reach it.

Annabelle puts a fake baby face on. "Aw, I'm so sorry," she says sarcastically.

"Give me my bag," I say sternly.

Annabelle looks behind her at her new 'friends' - probably druggies and alcoholics - an laughs. "Should we give this little princess her bag back?"

The boys in the group all laugh and shake their heads. Annabelle turns back around.

"I'm sorry, Doll, but its mine now. I mean, I am the one who found it."

Annabelle starts to walk away down the beach as her minions follow her. With the anger fuming up inside of me, I can't help but run down the sandy boardwalk and jump on Annabelle's back.

"Give me back my bag!" I yell.

Annabelle screams as she tries to escape from underneath me. Her minions try to help, but they're completely hopeless.

Finally, I manage to clutch the strap on the bag. I give it a tug, and Annabelle lets go.

I stand up and brush my hair out of my face. Annabelle is helped up and brushes the sand off her pants. We both look up and look each other straight in the eye.

I hold up my sports bag. "Don't try to mess with me again."

Annabelle glares at me. "I don't plan to."

We turn around and walk away in our opposite directions. For me, that's up the boardwalk to my house.


I walk in the back door a few minutes later and find mum in the kitchen, car keys still in her hand. She's only just arrived home from work.

Mum takes one full look at me and I hold my hands up in defence. "Don't even ask."

Mum smiles. "I won't then. Go clean yourself up and be down in half an hour for dinner. I just ordered a pizza tonight."

I smile at her and run upstairs to the shower.

Whilst showering, I think of why Annabelle would try to steal from me like that. I eventually agree with my opinion that she's probably already high on drugs.

Then I think of Cody and the fact that I should apologise. He's tried calling ever since yesterday and I haven't answered any of them, nor have I even read his text messages or listened to his voicemails.

I turn off the shower and return to my room, just in time to see my phone start going off. I check the caller ID. When I see Cody's name on the screen, I try my best to ignore it and find some pyjamas to change into. Im in that mood where I just want to put on some pyjamas and eat a whole tub o ice cream, not even caring if it makes me fat.

I find some pyjamas, change into them and return my towel to the bathroom that mum and I share.

I hurry downstairs just as the doorbell rings and beat Mum to the money set aside. I hand the teenage boy the money for the pizza and carry it to the lounge room, where I set it on the floor.

Mum joins me on the floor a couple of minutes later, just as I pick up my first piece.

"So how's your day been?" Mum asks me as she sits down and picks up a slice.

I swallow my bite. "It was alright. Had its good parts and its bad parts.

Mum nibbles on her piece. "Name the bad things."

That's what it is with my Mum. She does care about the good stuff, but sometimes she cares about the bad stuff more. Today must be one of the days where she cares about the bad stuff.

"Annabelle," I answer her request.

"What did she do?" Mum puts her slice back down on the cardboard box.

"Tried to steal my sports bag. That's why I came in looking daggy."

Mum laughs. "That's my girl right there."

I finish my piece and pick up another. "Yep, that's definitely your daughter. I jumped on her back to get it back."

Mum shake her head jokingly. "Just be careful though.

I roll my eyes as the doorbell rings again. Mum looks so comfy that I put my piece down and stand up.

"I'll get it," I say and walk out of the room to the door.

I reach for the door handle and open the door, half smiling.

The smile fades when I see the shocking sight in front of me.

The man standing on my front door has brown hair like mine and brown eyes unlike mine. Even though I haven't seen this man in almost sixteen years, I still know who it is immediately.

It's someone I never expected to see again in my life.


Cliffhanger, cliffhanger! Oh how I love cliffhangers! I know it's not the best cliffhanger though :) there's a better one later on

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