A Change In Circumstances Part 31

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28th Sept 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

He was always around now. It was like he actually lived here after that night when the kids all were at that school slumber party.

And to be honest, I really had no idea what I was doing anyway. I was feeling off and have been for the past few weeks. I know that we're all due to have check ups, so I may as well get us all done at the same time, including Danny.

That's what i have come to call him lately.

The kid looks at me with this huge smile on his face when I talk to him or do something for him.

Once, not too long ago, I found him quietly crying behind the van when doing some washing and I was horrified to find out that he was crying because he was happy that I didn't hate him.

I had no idea that the poor kid felt that way and I sat down with him when no one was around (which was a rarity) and had a little chat with him.

He knew that I wasn't his real mother. He never knew what having a mother was like and when he found out that he had some brothers that his daddy told him about, he was excited about meeting them.

He didn't know that there was a sister who was the same age as him and from what he said, his daddy didn't know either from the way he kept muttering about the little girl he saw one day when he came back to where they had been staying.

But little Danny found that he really liked his brothers and sister, but he said that he liked me more because he said I was so nice to him.

I had to think about that since I actually thought that I wasn't as nice to him as with my own kids.

Then he said that he was really happy when I didn't get mad at him when he started calling me his mumma. He liked calling me that, he said.

Poor mite. I will admit that I had been very resentful of the kids, and I should not have taken it out on the boy like I did, even if he didn't realise it.

I wrapped my arms around the boy and drew him closer to me and just sat there hugging him. A moment later, I felt his boney little arms also wrap around me.

We sat there like that for a while without anyone coming and disturbing us. We talked about all sorts of things and I even told him about how I met his daddy. He told me about how long his daddy has been looking for 'The Kid' whoever that was.

I knew who that was. The Kid was me. That's what Knox had been calling me ever since he saved me all those years ago.

I was telling the boy how brave his daddy was when I first met him and how he saved his friends and lots more other people.

Danny then told me about how he knew that his father saved his mother on one of those trips he made overseas. They fell in love and got married and had him. But she died when he was born.

I didn't say anything about that and I didn't try to either.

I already knew how I felt about that and this little kid didn't need my thoughts on it.

But after that day, I included Danny in nearly everything we were doing as a family. It was just a pity that he came with his father. But I think I can handle him. He won't get fed if he acts up.

He sometimes acts worser than the kids.

Anyway, it has been several weeks as I said and I have been feeling off and I made that appointment with the doctor down at the clinic for our check ups. All of us, including Knox too.

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