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𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘰𝘯𝘦 | "𝗼𝗵 𝗳𝘂𝗰𝗸."
⋆ ⋆ ⋆

"Fucking hell Collin, get your ass off my couch. You're the one who wants me to go out, so you're coming with me." Logan groaned loudly, slapping the tanned skin of Collin's leg, who was sprawled out on her couch in his underwear.

"Hey!" Collin yelled once her hand came in contact with his skin, the harshness leaving a temporary mark, "That's true, but you said we'd be going out at around twelve if you even wanted to go. And since it's only eleven thirty, I still have half an hour to get dressed. Calm your tits, Atwood."

Logan rolled her eyes at Collin's explanation before throwing him his black shirt, the guy catching it before it would smack him in the face.

"Make sure you don't bring that attitude with you, moron!"

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

"Would you slow down with all that shitty alcohol?" Ashton, Luke's best friend and co-worker, spoke up to the tall blonde, who was looking back at him with glossy eyes.

"No! It makes my feelings die down," Luke told him truthfully, letting out a big ass sigh while clutching his beer bottle tightly in his hand.

"Oh fuck off Luke. I know you've got a lot of shit going on right now, but drinking yourself numb isn't the solution. You fail to remember that until the morning after, though." Ashton sternly told his friend, though he knew that Luke didn't hear him or that he wouldn't care to answer. Only the fun things were heard when Luke was in his drunken state.

While fishing some cash out of the black skinny jeans he was wearing, Luke pressed it into Ashton's hand and smiled, "Go get yourself a beer, my treat. I'm gonna go look for someone nicer than you."

Ashton rolled his hazel colored eyes at Luke, who already stormed off to go find a new drinking buddy.

Making his way through the dancing bodies, Luke inhaled the deep scent of various alcoholic drinks mixed with different perfumes, some smelling stronger than others. He wasn't looking for anyone in particular, but he noticed some people were looking for similarity.

He knew that he had to dress up neat for the sake of his job, being an important business man had its tolls. But whenever he was dressed in skinny jeans and a simple shirt, he couldn't help but feel normal. Not important and just living the life of a normal twenty four year old.

And so he did.

His hand wrapped itself around a small wrist, turning the brunette around in one swift motion before she was able to walk back to her friends, or well he assumed she was going there.

Luke's blue eyes narrowed at the sight of a familiar face, although he wasn't exactly sure where he knew her from. His drunk mind was fuzzy and all he seemed to remember was that she was really beautiful.

"Oh uh-" She spoke up, her eyes wide with shock as she quickly looked at him, her eyes scanning the attire he was wearing tonight. She had never expected to see him like this, ever.

"You seem familiar," He breathed in her ear, the loud music pumping through his system when he stepped back slightly and eyed her.

She wore a black tight turtle neck that was messily tucked into her same colored tennis skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever, just like Logan's.


"Oh fuck, what are you doing here?" Luke asked her quickly, his mind sobering up as he looked at her.

She didn't have her hair wrapped up into a ponytail or a bun, and she was slightly wearing something else than her uniform, just like she always would when cleaning Luke's house.

She looked so comfortable in these clothes meanwhile he couldn't quite understand why. Her skirt was a bit short, but he wasn't one to complain really.

"The same as you, sir," She answered confidently, shrugging her shoulders at her boss.

She was talking to her fucking boss, who wasn't wearing anything neat, who had eyed her up and down and who was now talking to her as if she was his friend. She was sure the alcohol did all of this instead of Mr. Hemmings himself though.

"Aren't you supposed to work tomorrow, Ms  Atwood?" He asked her with narrowed eyes, although his bossy attitude fell when Logan noticed the playful hint in his voice.

"I am," She answered, "If I'm on time and I make sure I cleaned everything, this whole night has nothing to do with my work, does it?"

Luke had to admit she was sharp and sassy, which he never really noticed while she was working. This could've been because Luke barely came out of his room when she was over, or because they never really talked and she had to keep herself silent. He liked her like this and told himself to make a mental note and talk to Logan more often.

"That's very true," Luke nodded, "You're here with friends?" He asked her quickly, wanting to change subjects because she was breaking down the bossy walls he build up over all the years.

She giggled, "With Collin, although he's nowhere to be found."

Luke smiled softly, but when her words repeated themselves in his mind, he noticed something. Collin.

"I hope he isn't cheating on you," Luke blurted out before he was able to comprehend what he wanted to say, "I mean, it would be fucked up if he was."

She smiled at his concern, even if he was trying to bloom the fact of caring about her. Right then, a deep voice was heard and an arm wrapped itself around her small shoulders, "I don't think there's any reason to cheat."

Relief washed over Luke's face. She was his employee, sure, but he wasn't heartless and he wanted her to be okay. That was, until Luke saw the tall guy wrap an arm around her shoulders.

His assumptions about Collin were right. He was muscly, tall and had dark brown eyes just like she mentioned before. The sleeve of tattoos on his arm were quite intimidating towards Luke, but he wouldn't show.

"Oh, I wouldn't cheat if I were you. That could get really nasty afterwards."


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