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Hello! I need to apologize to tweety2010 for the late update. I am SO sorry!! Everything's been so chaotic these days :p Sorry<3

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?


2) What's your favorite food?


3) What are some of your pet peeves?

Some of my pet peeves are when someone interrupts me when im talking, and when people sneeze on me lol, oh and justin beiber,( not a hater not a lover)

4) Is there anyone who inspired you to write?

Yes actually, bubblegum08, when i first read her book, i loved it and it inspired me to write some of my own.

5) I noticed your story, Savior of the night. Could you tell me a little bit about it?

My story savior of the night was my second story. Its about a girl who's father has been lost in the arms of a stranger, he hasn't been himself ever since their mother never came back from a business trip. He started drinking and beating up his two daughters( its not gory or anything) Ronnie And her little sister rain. but then one day ronnie meets a guy, luke, and she thinks she may like him, but he has a secret.

6) How did you come up with ideas for your first story?

How i come with ideas for my story, hmm, well actually it sounds silly but usually when i'm in the shower these random ideas pop up into my head. Or when im just doing my own thing, they just come out of nowhere.

7) What is the first book that you have read on Wattpad?

The first book i ever read on wattpad was Living With The Schools Jerk, by Bubblegum08.( shes amazing check out her stories)

8) What type of genre do you like to read?

The type of genre i enjoy reading would be totally romance/teen fiction.

9) Is there a routine you go through while writing your book? (Listen to music, brainstorm ideas,etc)

I don't really have any type of routine i do when i'm writing. i just usually get lost. It's like i'm the character and i'm writing out my own life. then when i read it over im like ' did i really right that?' cause i dont even realize what i write sometimes. :P

10) Do have any friends on Wattpad that you usually talk to?

Yup i have Watty Buddies. Definitely!!

Author: Tweety2010

Interviewed by: xxxMariri555

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