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As the day winds down, I realize that I have enough money to buy the camper now. I count my cash under the table, and I'm excited to see that it's over $800! Karen takes a seat across from me and I quickly stash it in my bag.

"Hey," I smile. "I have a phone now if you want to get in touch."

"That would be great," she grins, reaching for her cell. "Maybe we could go shopping sometime or something other than stupid ass chemistry!"

We exchange numbers and I can't help but feel a little satisfaction in having a gal pal to call.

I toy with an idea and fidget a bit while she tells me about a party this weekend.

"Karen, do you know where I could get a decent fake ID?" I interrupt. If I had waited, I'm not sure I'd have had the guts to ask. "It's just-"

"Sure," she stops me from trying to explain. "I know a guy in the tech department that made me a great one for clubbing." She shows me hers, and it really does look legitimate. "He doesn't really make a lot of these, but I guess I caught him when he was trying some new software out, so he made me promise that I'd be responsible about alcohol." She scrolls through her contacts and writes something down on a scrap of paper. "I bet that if you bat your pretty green eyes at him and promise to be safe, he'll do one for you too."

We talk for a bit, and when she leaves, I open the paper she gave me and am shocked with what I find. The name on it is Victor, and I already have his number. I file this away with my list of strange things about the guys to think on later.

I note that I have enough time to run to the campus bookshop and get an envelope and some stamps. It's time to repay old debts, and I can't in good conscience spend any of my money until I return what I took from that wallet in Charleston.

I am finishing up the letter when Gabriel walks in, and I fold it up and place it in my journal before he sees.

"So, what the fuck are we doing tonight, Trouble? Do you feel okay? Do you need to lay down?" He grabs my bag and pulls me outside, skipping the whole way.

"Gabriel,"I laugh and tug him to a stop, "slow down!"

He whirls around and thrusts me into a dramatic dip. "I'm all yours, Sang," his rich baritone caresses, "whatever you want to do, I'll make it fucking happen."

An electricity flows between us, and I'm positive I've never felt this type of connection with anyone before. His face draws closer to mine, and I'm sure he's about to kiss me. A yellow frisbee thunks into the back of his head, followed by a distant yell of, "Fore!" before we're given the chance, and I'm yanked suddenly back to my feet.

"Son of a bitch!" Gabriel mutters, rubbing the spot where the flying disc hit him. Louder he yells, "A little fucking late on the warning, asshole!" He picks up the offending object and holds it out to me. "Should we keep it, Trouble, or throw it back?"

I'm feeling a little devilish after our interrupted moment, so I take the frisbee and hold it up to the guys across the quad. "Thanks!" I holler. My voice cracks at the top of my volume, but they seem to hear me just fine. They look confused, but Meanie smirks in understanding. "I've always wanted one of these!" I call out. I unzip my bag and place it inside, and I hear one of the guys groan. Gabriel is cracking up, and I cup my hands around my mouth to yell one more thing. "Next time, just gift wrap it though, okay?"

The guys start laughing and Gabriel and I giggle the whole way back to his car.

He opens the door for me and hops around to the driver's side. "Where to?"

Today has been full of daring Sang, so I go with it. "Do you think you could take me to look at something I found on Craigslist?" I ask.

He looks at me funny. "I guess. Is that what you really want?" I nod and give him the address. It's about twenty minutes away, and when we pull up, Gabriel makes a sour face. It's a run down trailer park, and there's visible rust eating through the corners of most of the buildings.

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