Mate of the Siren

Chapter 5

(2 years later)

I walk to school along the line of the forest a frown forming on my lips from the memory that was pulling my attention away.


I was running in the forest.

Following the pull of my Mate.

He was here.

He was so close, my nose was filled with his scent.

The thing is I couldn't believe what I was smelling until I saw him.

Though I knew my nose couldn't lie to me.

Though I wonder, why I didn't feel it before?

He was so close to me but yet I hadn't felt anything until today.


Ugh, who cares about the questions just follow the pull.

I was so close to him but yet so far.

I needed him, my wolf wanted him.

Only I thirty seconds now before I meet him face to face, eye to eye.

Trees few past me, laughing for no apparent reason.

No apparent reason that is, until I didn't feel it any longer.

It was gone.

I stopped there in a clearing being taunted with a scent that was being carried on the wind.

My Mate's scent.

Pine needles and Maple leaves.

( 1 hour later)

I had come back home with leaves in my hair and dirt on my face.

Once I got through the door my mother came to me and delivered horrible news.

"Nadira, Nassir, Kemble, and their parents have moved away, Orana. There was important business that Alpha Jones and Uncle Jess had to go to. They weren't sure how long it would be so they packed up and left an hour ago." she sighs with a heavy heart and continues, "They wanted to wait but they had to leave immediately since it was so important. I'm sorry honey."

She grabbed me in a hug and Dad came down the stairs and hugged us both as I cried and mom felt guilty for not asking them to wait a little longer.

I went to bed that night knowing I was so close to meeting my Mate for the first time and my best friend my the gizzillionth time.

That night I fell asleep crying my eyes out wishing I had found out earlier.

- present-

I hadn't seen them for two years now.

Hadn't even received a phone call or letter.

My friends moved because of pack business and tore my heart out while doing so.

I'm a junior in high school now and 17 without any friends.

When they moved I couldn't make any friends because of how heart-broken I was.

No one wanted to even try to be friends with a girl that never smiled.

I barely talk to anyone besides my family, my sprite teacher, and a few fishes in the sea.

The only thing that kept depression from reaching me was swimming in the sea and learning new things about being what I am.

A Werewolf/Siren girl.

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