Hades laughed but his expression portrayed nothing but adoration. "You will look stunning in whatever you choose to wear. I want our wedding to be a happy day not a stressful one, so you can adjust the date around the birth if you want to do that."

Lexi lifted her head to kiss the stubble on his chin. "I know you would be happy with a simple marriage, but we're only doing this once so we might as well make it memorable."

"I have learned that nothing about you is simple, my love. And I, for one, will never forget our wedding day no matter the circumstance."

Hades scooted off the bed and held out his hand to help her up. As they made for their private bath, Lexi detoured to the speaking tube and called into it.

"Can someone please bring me a cup of peppermint tea and crackers?"

A moment later, Blythe's voice called back. "Straight away, Lady Lexi."

Hades made for the tub while Lexi took care of business in the toilet. Sex was not the best activity when trying to stave off nausea, and she had to concentrate hard not to hunch over the bowl and heave. When she heard a knock on the chamber door, she grabbed her robe and left Hades to tend to his hygiene.

"Pleasant morning, my lady." Blythe greeted Lexi with a wider than usual smile as she bustled to the fireplace table and set down a tray.

"Pleasant morning, Blythe. You look like you're filled with sunshine today." Lexi watched Blythe bounce on her toes as the nymph poured hot water over a teabag. Could her especially chipper mood have anything to do with her duties to keep Ink comfortable? Before Lexi could speculate further, Blythe handed her a cracker. "Are you feeling poorly this morning?"

"A bit. Hera suggested I eat crackers to get rid of morning sickness."

"That is very good advice. I brought your favorites, the ones you remember from your childhood." She giggled softly into her hand.

"Care to share the joke, Blythe?"

"I was just thinking about how young you are, Lady Lexi. You are still in your childhood compared to the rest of us."

Lexi couldn't disagree with Blythe, although she felt like she had grown up a lot since her eighteenth birthday. The scrying mirror tinkled and Lexi glanced at it. Who would be calling so early?

"Shall I answer it for you, your grace?" Blythe asked.

"No, thank you. I'll take it. It's probably Zeus. He never considers the hour when he calls."

Blythe bowed out of the room and Lexi walked to the mirror, touching the glass and preparing herself for the gruff greeting of her surly father. She was surprised to see the lovely face of Odessa staring back at her.

"Good morning, Lexi. I hope I didn't wake you." Odessa's darting gaze and hushed tone suggested she might be attempting a covert mission.

"I was awake. Is everything all right, Odessa?"

"Oh, yes. I apologize for making a nuisance of myself so early, but I wanted to call while the house was still quiet. It is difficult to find privacy when you live with five goddesses."

Lexi nodded, remembering her life at boarding school. Nothing was sacred, not even bathroom time. "I understand."

"First, I want to wish you congratulations on your pregnancy news. Everyone here is talking about it. I am so happy for you and Hades."

"Thank you. Everyone is pretty excited here, too."

"I also wanted to ask if you were planning to attend the final day of the Olympic games tomorrow. I will be competing in the two hundred meter dash. Then there is the after party."

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