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The violin had always been one of Lexi's favorite instruments. She spent a year attempting to play, but ultimately chose to engage in sports over torturing her family with Vivaldi. So, when a familiar violin piece woke her from sleep, greeting her along with the dawn, she had to blink several times before she realized it was not a recording. The music came from a real violin, played by her real lover.

Standing nude in front of the fireplace, Hades caressed the strings of a violin, his eyes closed as he delivered the music Lexi knew was meant for her. A swell of emotion claimed her as she listened to him play, settling the nausea she had been battling a moment before. How had she endeared herself to this amazing man? This divine god.

When the closing notes drifted into stillness, Hades opened his eyes and looked at her, sharing his warmth through the intensity of his gaze. "Meditation de Thais by Massenet. It is one of my favorites."

She smiled because Hades knew what she was thinking. "Well, now it is one of my favorites. You never cease to amaze me. How long have you been playing the violin?"

"I have played since my youth, but I am only provoked to play when I am inspired. You inspire me, Lexi." He laid the violin on the chair and walked toward her, letting her take in his naked beauty, and she welcomed him into her arms as he crawled across the bed. "You are everything I ever imagined but never dared to hope for," he said, reciting his love against her ear. "I will hold steadfastly to your promise of eternal devotion and pray you never doubt mine."

His voice, with its deep, luxurious tone, still took her to that place where nothing else mattered, only him. Had it been love at first sight? It was certainly lust at first sight. As Hades took possession of her mouth, Lexi wrapped her arms and legs around him, encouraging him lower. She loved being under him. The sole object of his desire. Submission could be a powerful tool, and Hades proved this by the strength of his desire as it probed between her thighs, prompting that delicious ache.

"Damn, Lexi. You're so ready for me." He entered her, confidently yet tenderly, a symbolic gesture of their unity, and Lexi clasped her fingers at the nape of his neck, abandoning herself in his eyes where a wildfire burned. Knowing how much it sated her, Hades gave her all of him, filling her until the pleasure and intensity was nearly blinding then slowly retreating.

"You have me completely," she said as her eyes fluttered closed. "I want nothing more than to indulge in you."

"Look at me when you talk dirty." The words left Hades' mouth in a low moan, and Lexi obliged, meeting the flames in his eyes. They had flared from the pleasure he took in her, and she squeezed him tightly as she felt her moment approaching.

"Don't take your eyes off me, Hades. I want you to see what you do to me." Lexi leveled her gaze at him and let herself go, gliding over the wave while he synched up with her rhythm. The moment was sublime, the embodiment of perfection and bliss and the world could go to hell-in-a-handbasket while it happened. Once she progressed into panting and whimpering, Hades pinned her to the bed under a torrent of impassioned love making until he found his own release. Then he deftly swept her into his arms, proving his love was absolute with a deluge of kisses across every inch of her face. Gods how she loved this god.

"Now that we have started the day properly, what are your plans, my lady?" Hades asked as he continued to indulge himself in her.

Lexi grinned. She was quite familiar with his habit of wanting to know everything that was in her head. "Well, I probably should figure out the details of my twenty-first birthday. I don't know where I want to have it. The same goes for our wedding." She bit her lip when she realized she had forgotten to tell him about Hecate's prediction. "According to Hecate's calculations, the baby will be born in December, which might complicate our wedding plans. I'm not exactly eager to walk down the aisle wearing more fabric than the buffet table."

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