Monday morning rolled around and I jumped out of bed into the shower. I pulled on a dressy flowery shirt, a high skirt, and a pair of pumps. I threw my hair into a side pony tail and curled it.

When I got into the office there was a fresh cup of cappachino from starbucks sitting on my desk. I sat down turned on my laptop and got busy with my work. I had been so busy today with calls, clients, and I had a meeting in ten minutes with one of Gary's clients.

"Your ten o' clock client is here and he would like to come in." Chole said as she entered my office.

"Okay, thanks. I'm going to send this email and I will be ready." I replied finishing up my email.

I turned around to get my copy out of my printer when the client entered. I spun around to see Brody sitting in front of me. My heart instantly dropped when I saw him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked shocked.

"I have an appointment but seems that Gary is sick and he got a new boss. But somehow I got sent here." He said.

"I'll see if Liam is ready for you then." I said picking up the phone.

"No! Wait, I want to talk to you.. I need closure over this whole deal." Brody said.

"You've got to be kidding me...You cheated on me plain and simple." I yelled. Now I was angry that he wanted closure when he was the one that cheated on me.

"I didn't cheat on you! You had broken up with me before I even got the chance to talk to you about this baby thing." Brody yelled back.

"I asked you if we were going to settle down, have kids, and get married and you clearly chickened out.. after being with me for 3 years." I said.

"I never chickened out.. I just never anwsered because I clearly wasn't ready for that kind of comitment! For crying out loud Aria!" Brody anwsered.

"Yeahhh.. and being with me for 3 years was a comitment! Just anwser this did you even think of marrying me in the future or were you to busy screwing my best friend" I said. Now I felt as if I was going to cry.

"Of course I thought about it Aria! I loved you and still do." Brody said.

"So why'd you screw my best friend?" I yelled.

When I finished up to hear Liam clearing his throat putting his fist over his mouth.

"I..umm Liam this is Brody your new client!" I studdered out wondering how much he heard.

"Yes.. Brody I have heard lots about you." He said. Oh great i thought he heard the whole thing.

"Nice to meet you Liam." Brody said looking over at me.

"What was it that we were going to go over?" Liam asked me.

"Actually I have to get back to work.. Can we reschedule for Thursday?" Brody said looking at his watch.

"Yes we sure can." Liam replied as Brody took off out of the room.

"You heard the whole thing didn't you?" I asked with my head down.

"Yeahh.." He said looking at me.

"Liam, line 1." Chloe called over the intercom. Liam left the room without another word closing the door behind him.

I felt like crap. Brody had just asked for closure. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I felt like I had been broken up with all over again. He had cheated on with me with my best friend and it felt like he came to throw it in my face. Worst of all Liam had to hear all of that.

I turned my chair to stare out the window and stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. "You okay?" Chloe asked.

"Yeah.. Just one of those days." I replied.

"Look I told Brody not to go in here but he demanded to see you.. I'm sorry! If you want to go home I can call off the rest of your appointments.. You know what go head and go home." Chloe appolized.

"No I'm fine really?" I said.

"Here take this I'm not gonna need it.. I will say you went to lunch." Chloe handed me a massage gift certificate and demanded me to go.

"Fine Fine I'll go... Thank you so much" I said hugging her. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

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