Baby Cakes

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Light. I see light behind my grape skin eyelids. I slowly peel them open and see a dawn sky. The moon still up, but the sun on the way. The trees around me are like bouncing bees, frolicking and tumbling. Wait. The trees aren't moving, it's me. I glance side to side and it's a while before I can focus on the face above me.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask at first, my voice raspy.

"The person who just saved your life," he answers with slight sarcasm. He has a scratchy beard and long straight hair. His eyes are a sparkly blue and his shirt is dirtied plaid with the sleeves cut off. A cross-bow is draped across his shoulder.

"You're the walker with the cross-bow..." I say hazily.

"Pssh. I guess so. How 'bout you, little girl? Who are you?" He stares ahead not bothering to look down at me.

"Oh. Um, I'm Anna Walker. And I'm not little. I'm 22," I snip back at him. I realize I still have my bat in my cut hand. "And, I can walk for myself."

"Well, that's a tragic name in these circumstances," He chuckles. I do not. "And suit yourself, baby cakes." He drops me out of his arms. I start walking and my knees start to rattle. They give out within a few seconds and I begin to roll down the Forest hill we were walking on. I shriek as I tumble and toss through bushes, branches and other harmful foliage.

I stop rolling eventually when the stranger stops me.

"I was holding you for a reason." He replies smugly to my incident. He helps me up and I brush of the dirt and sticks. He picks me back up without my consent.

We- well, he- walk in silence for a while before he breaks it.

"My name is Daryl Dixon."

"Hi, Daryl. Thank you for saving me. Now, where the hell are you taking me?"

"To the camp I live at. There are others." I perk up at the word 'others'.

We get to flat land and I start walking myself.

"I see your weapon of choice is a bat?" He chuckles.

"Is there a problem, Mr. Dixon?" I glance back and gasp. There's a Walker behind him!

I push Daryl out of the way and smack the zombie to the ground where I crack open his skull.

"Now what do you think about my bat?" He laughs and we keep walking.

Finally, we reach the small camp. There is a large RV with a campfire next to it. Tents surround the clearing and about 12 people bustle around carrying food, water and other essentials.

"Daryl! We send you hunting and you bring back a pretty girl?" A pretty woman with dark hair smiles.

"Very funny, Lori."

Lori walks away and shouts to the other campers that Daryl brought back another survivor. They all gather to hear the story.

"Well, I was hunting up the hill when I neared the mansion. I heard a scream and rushed in. Anna here, was on an island surrounded by walkers with just her stupid bat. She slipped and fell on me, when I just decided to leave with her. Now, I know what you're all thinking. I checked for bites or anything." Daryl explains.

"Yeah. I guess that's it. Well, I'm Anna Walker (the handful of young kids chuckle) and I'm 22. My family all died spread about time and my dad died a few days ago. I've been living out of my Volkswagen. Which is now probably overrun by walkers, thank you Daryl." I shoot him a look and he smiles.

"Well, you're welcome to stay as long as you like Anna! I'm Dale." A older man with a small beard and dark loving eyes replies.

"Thank you. I think I will."

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