The best proof of love is trust.


Can't make my own decisions

Or make any with precision

Well maybe you should tie me up

So I don't go where you don't want me

You don't have to believe me

But the way I, way I see it

Next time you point a finger

I might have to bend it back

Or break it, break it off

Next time you point a finger

I'll point you to the mirror

Chapter 8

I would say that I'm a huge success in the flirtatious department, but then I'd be lying. See siting here stuffing my face with precious pie while Axel grins at me like an idiot, is not my definition of flirting. I just shook my head and continued with the competition, it was not the time to think about Axel and his charming ways.

"Only twenty minutes left!" Holt yelled out across the lawn as I sighed. I had currently cleared about six pies and I was heading into the seventh. I pulled a random platter out of the lot that was splayed around me and hoped for the best.

I tried to prepare myself for another bite and tried to drone out the sounds of the cheering crowd around me. Riki was jumping around in her tiny bikini with a sign stretched out above her head that said: Eat the Cake Baybay!

Although this was pie...but I was happy for her support either way.

Holt was a good commentator throughout the competition keeping both me and the other competitors up to speed with how our competition was doing. Because as I was on my seventh pie, Clay was keeping speed with me while on his way with finishing his sixth pie. Who would've known?

Osi dropped out before he could finish his first pie, muttering something about digestive issues, but I knew he just couldn't handle the pastries.

I uncovered the next pie, took in a deep breath, and then dug my fork in and started taking speeded bites. But then my stomach gurgled sickeningly. "Uh-oh." I whispered and then looked down at the pie. Great, it was cherry.

I threw it to the side and tried not to let the contents in my stomach spill from my lips. Cherry was the devil pie.

It was red like the devil, and it made me see red and well throw up red.

I shook my head from the thoughts and then moved onto the next one, but the judge stopped me. Which just happened to be Axel who was passing by, watching me. "You didn't clear that last pie."

My heart started pounding in my chest because I had picked the worst possible pie to take some bites out of and I couldn't continue to eat the cherry without throwing up. I just despised the taste of it. "Um, is it okay if I-I start on another one?" I asked him with my pout poking out just enough for him to cave.

And to my pleasure he nodded and went to look over at Clay's progress. Me and him were the only two contenders left. I was surprised he was able to stay at it this long. Everyone else like Osi dropped out in the first thirty minutes, a lot of them couldn't hang with the big guys, like me and Clay. But I wasn't going to let him and his delicious body have the satisfaction of beating me at my own game. No sir!

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