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• Jealous hearts •

1:22 AM

I don't feel that I'm alive anymore. I just exist. I exist in jealousy, lust and nostalgia. And you seem alive when you don't notice me. But when you do, you try to ignore it. I can tell by your cold look.

It's still so cold. I just want to survive my first winter without you. You know I get needy around this time of the year, when everyone is spending time with their families and I'm alone.

Everyone is talking about your new girlfriend at school. She is all that I was. Blonde hair, grey eyes, cheerful personality and a shining smile. People seem to notice she's like me too. And you're so afraid they will say that to you.

I've heard you took her on the date by just walking around the snowy centre.

You're still so simple. And I hope she enjoyed it. I hope you got the courage to hold her hand and tell her how pretty she looks. I hope she can heal you of your wounds, because I obviously wasn't good enough.

I hope she appreciates you enough and makes you laugh.

I hope she tries to make everything perfect for you and herself. Because you deserve the perfection, you really do.

I hope your lovely red warm heart is beating and keeping you alive.

You're still trying so hard to run away from me, aren't you?

Well, I'm trying to run away from you too, but It seems that it's not working.


"Do you like my new hair colour?" I asked him, running my fingers through my hair. My light blonde hair was coloured by glorious dark brown colour.

"I do. I would like whatever colour, as long as it's long."

"What if I was to cut my hair short?"

"It would make no difference, I'm just saying that you look really pretty when the wind messes with your hair and you hate it."

"Are you going to keep your hair long?"


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