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 Runaway hearts 

17:05 PM

We were always running away. Running away from the whole world. We skipped classes just to take a train somewhere and just run and feel free. You stayed with me all those days and nights.

You even got in trouble because of me. You would come home late, or go out all the time. I hate the fact I was a secret.

People thought you disappeared from the whole world for those few hours when actually you were with me.

So, together we disappeared from the whole world. We got stuck in our own little world. So far away from home.

I still run away like we used to. I take the train before sunset and let it take me where I want to be.

Because sometimes, I love running away from you.

2nd of June

17:54 AM

We run through the streets as Simon holds my hand.

"Hahah stop." I make him stop, pulling him closer.

He stopped and hugged me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

We stand just in front of the bridge. We giggled until he spoke.

"Close your eyes for a second." He said

"Why?" I chuckled

"Just do it." He shook his head and smiled.

I covered my eyes and felt him get slightly away from me. After a few seconds I move my hands.

"Oh my God." I smiled at Simon, who was holding a few daisies in his hand.

"These are for you, Sunnie." He said

"They're really cool, but why?" I chuckled

"I remember you told me you like daisies, so I saw a few and randomly gave them to you."

"You're so weird, but I love it." I said and hugged him.

He held my hand again as we started running over the bridge.


I hate that you're not next to me. It makes everything look so empty and lonely. And I'm always so far from everything.

From home, family, happiness, safety

and you.

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