The Story of Mel Blanc, (Source: RadioLab)

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A beloved man of America, Mel Blanc, was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, and many more characters. The fact that he was the voice for multiple cartoon icons, made him this beloved man. The 'voice of [his] childhood.' Noel Blanc, Mel's only son, also does a couple of voices. As a child, Noel saw many fans came to visit his house to greet Mel. 

However, on one summer evening, Mel was the victim of a heavy collison on 'Dead Man's Curve'. He was in an aluminum car and the car folded upwards, himself becoming engrossed in the car. It was difficult to cut him out of the car, but they did it and sent him to the nearby hospital. The doctor who worked on him did not recognize Mel. Mel's case became big, the press having a frenzy. Mel did get stablizied, in a coma. 

They waited about two weeks for him to wake up. He was in deep unconciousness. People began to believe that he would never respond. A new doctor came to his room, and greeted Mel as 'Bugs Bunny'. And he responded as the character. Each six characters he played that the new doctor greeted with, he answered as their voices. After a few moments, he woke up as Mel. People wondered if it was his inner Bugs Bunny answering, or Mel. This answer never came to surface. 

Mel 23 laters, he comes up for an interview and says, "'Bugs Bunny was trying to save his life.'" Do the people you create inside, actually comes to life? Mel himself does not think that there is much to it, he says Bugs Bunny helped with the awakening, but did not save his life. 

Mel somewhat transformed into his characters, a method actor. His characters became him. He was the characters. 

People wonder why he answered as a cartoon character, a neuroligist claims that Mel answers to his que's. Mel has lost his knowledge of his different que's and was trained so perfectly that he answered to the right que's. His part of his brain to signify the que's was messed up and he may have heard "'Mel, you're on.'" He lost control, and yet he lived because of his characters. Bugs has come to life in Mel's head. The higher brain is used very much, so when it became damaged, the lower half came to work and the voices molded into Mel came into play. Mel began to play his characters, into a microphone the doctor had brought and played Barney in the Flinstones. Each and every episode. Mel unconciously did his job: be the characters.

Mel did a commercial, for a whole day, however he was ill. So they had to clear his lungs out. The next day, his legs began to hurt because he fell off of the bed and broke his femur. The pain coursed through his body, leaving him brain dead. He was in a fatal position once again. His son tried to make his dad wake up with the voices again, but it was harder. Mel died, but not without saying one last thing to his son, "'No, wait...I love you.'" But not as Mel, as his last character he ever played, Yosemite Sam. 

And on his grave you will find the iconic saying by Porky Pig, "That's all folks."

Noel does good voices, but no one will ever compare to Mel Blanc's voices. The voices he made will be immortalized forever, and he'll always be remembered, "The man of 1,000 voices."

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