Gray x Reader- You Make My Heart Melt Part 2/3

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Now what you really want! THE STORY!

With a toothy smile you looked at your new friends. "This is awesome!" You rejoiced. Natsu rejoined the group with a couple of job postings.

"I picked some easy ones for Y/N's first job." The dragon smiled, how sweet that he was being considerate. Taking the pieces of paper you looked at your options.

"Go ahead pick one!" Carefully you made your decision. They were both jobs to kill giant monsters. You wanted to prove your worth but at the same time you didn't want to embarrass yourself. All of a sudden you saw a blue..paw? Placed on the picture of a giant frog like beast. You looked up to see a floating blue cat.

"Hi there! I'm Happy!" His big eyes blinked and you squeaked out of surprise soon grabbing the cute animal giving it a hug.

"You're so cute!" you squeezed the poor thing.

"N...Natsu... he..l..p"

"Uhm, y/n you should probably let him go..." Lucy laughed as you released the cat out of your firm grip.

"Sorry," scratching the back of your head."I've never seen anything like you before."

"That's fine! At least someone coddles me with affection!" Happy glared at Natsu.

"Hey! I give you treats! Sometimes.." Crossing his arms he looked away.

"Hey can we get on with this please?" Gray interrupted the small chatter as you still held the papers. You looked up, shaking your head in regaining focus.

"Right! Well Happy pointed at this one so I'm down." You handed the Picture of the frog to Lucy.

"Ew! A giant frog?!" She shivered; against the idea. But the decision was made so she just went with it. Her face was nearly green. You all began to head you way.


The day was beautiful; sun beat down on your group but the breeze had even out the heat making a perfect combination. "Ya know... this area makes me think of home... The smell of the pine needles and the sound of nature; the birds bristling leaves. Its nostalgic." She looked up stretching her arms up and caught up with the rest. Her l/h h/c hair danced with the wind so perfectly, Just like everything else about her. I've only known her for a day but I feel like I've known her my entire life. I shivered as we began entering the shade among-st the trees and I must have made a noise because she looked back at me asking me if I was okay. 'Play it 'cool' dude'

"Yes, of course! Never been better!" I gritted my teeth that sounded a little too cocky.

This area seemed fairly close to where our target should be,at least according to the person who sent us along our way. Wet, sticky, and smelled horrible.

But this whole area just doesn't feel right... While we walked across mud all I could hear is the complaining and crying coming out of Lucy's mouth. Does she ever stop whining? I rolled my eyes and continued my way until I found myself tripping over y/n who accidentally Stumbled over a giant rock "Oh crap! I'm sorry!" I got up quickly trying to regain my posture. I pulled off my shirt for y/n giving it to her to wipe herself off.

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