Bottle Caps and Chase Scenes Part 2

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( OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING! Everything's been a little hectic in my personal life from me being sick to having to deal with a bunch of really complicated test and AAAGH! Anyways, I'm really sorry and I'll try to get this out as soon as possible and the next chapters hopefully won't take as long. Anyways, since know ones has any ideas for names yet, I thought I'd come up with some for now:

Sky's spirit: Brisingr- (dragon)

Ross' spirit: Foresttail- (griffin)

Nick's spirit: (Can someone tell me what the monster that Nick became friends with in the Fallout series name was?)- (minotaur)

Cory's spirit: Turbine- (manticore)

I hope you guys like these name ideas, tell me your opinions in the comments but with that done, let's start the chapter.)

  Tim's point of view:
  I was laying down in the middle of the forest, everything was peaceful and serene around me as I bathed in sunlight. The green grass brushing against my arms and the sound of the lake in the distance. For once in my life, I felt calm.

  That was until I got pushed off my bed. I hit the ground with a loud "oomph" as my vision blurred while I tried to sit up. I didn't need to look to know that it was probably my "dad" again.

  "Get your @&$ up!" He commanded. I did as I was told knowing that he was probably drunk, my "dad" worked in the royal guard with my friend Sky, who seemed to have disappear
recently. He would always come home drunk whenever he failed to catch the crime group known as Overwatch, but I was the only one that knew they were actually really good friends of mine when I was in the orphanage. My parents were mysteriously murdered one night and it made me really insecure and shy, I got beat up, a lot. But one day they stepped up against the other kids and helped me out, we instantly became best friends.


  "Haha! Look at him try to crawl away like a baby!" One of the bullies, Mitch laughed at me, soon being joined by the others. I wanted to cry, but I wouldn't let him see my weakness. Big mistake. This only made him even more mad as he kicked me in the face and I fell to the ground again. I glared at thin as I felt my nose bleed. "Dang it!" I thought " Ah Tim, what did you get yourself into!?" The kids inched closer and all I could do was crawl away, I was surrounded, I was scared, I just wanted to go home!


  (That works too.)

  I turned around and saw a kid with red hair staring the kids down with a look of pure hatred, and for a second, I could have sworn his eyes took on some what of a fox's features. The other kids laughed.

  "Oh yah? And what are you gonna do Mad-Max" Jesse, one of Mitch's best friends mocked. I saw him frown at the nickname, but quickly replaced it with a smirk.

  "I brought back up." I saw two more kids appear around the corner, one was female and could honestly be mistaken for the red head's sibling, while the other had glasses, brown hair, and wore a Narwhal hoodie. Behind them came the orphanage owner, Ms. Hartman, she was really nice and always made sure we were okay.

  "TIMOTHY!? Are you okay!?" She asked as she quickly scooped me up and shielded me from the other kids. She thanked the three kids that helped me and glared at the rest of them. "I am very disappointed in you all. Go to your rooms until you're ready to apologize." And with that, the kids left.

  The rest is still a bit of a blur, the only other thing I can remember correctly was the horrible fire that almost destroyed our friendship.

  Everyone was screaming, it was chaos and no one knew what to do. Ms. Hartman was trapped under debris and me and two other kids helped her out she thanked us and tried to get everyone to calm down, but it was no use.

  "HEY!" We all looked over and saw Max, Shelby, and Ross trying to get everyone's attention, which thanks to her shrill voice, it worked. "Everyone grab a partner and get out of the building through this window!" Shelby yelled over the fire as Max and Ross quickly stamped out a fire that was getting a bit to close.

  "Don't just stand there, MOVE!" Ross yelled and I grabbed Ms. Hartman's hand and guided her through while all the other kids got helped out by Shelby, Max, and Ross. When we all made it out, I waited for them to step out but before they could the building collapsed in a cloud of dust. Tears flooded my eyes as all I could do was watch in horror as my only friends die right in front of me although, I didn't have much time to mourn as a tall figure picked me up and carried me away. This figure would soon be known, as my worst nightmare.

  ~Flashback End~

I was yanked back into reality as he grabbed me by the collar and threw me across the room. "Now listen hear *hic* brat," He slurred,"I'm hungry and we're out of food. You go to that little shop over on the corner and grab some supplies. And if yer late again you're gonna regret the day I picked you up!" And with that I left with only one thought. " I already do."

  I honestly love going to the shop, it gets me away from that horrible excuse for a father and it let's  me talk to my friends Cory and Nick. Although I wasn't expecting them to dash right I front of me. At first I was confused but then I looked up to see three figures jumping on the rooftops, I immediately knew who they were chasing.

  "Oh no." I breathed out as I quickly made up my mind to start chasing them. I tried to get Cory and Nick's attention but to no avail, they were too far ahead and getting your leg twisted by that man didn't help either. I saw Cory chase Max, Ross, and Shelby into the forest outside of town while Nick followed. I stopped for a second as I heard yelling coming from near the area but I could only hear voices that I couldn't quite tell who they belonged to. Until one scream caught my attention.

  "AHHHHH!" I chuckled as I counted down what was about to happen. "3...2...1-"



  And that was my cue to bust in there and see what was happening. When I got there I could see Ross, Adam, and Max arguing as Shelby...wait Jess? And, is that a chicken? Tried to break the fight up. I shook my head and noticed that Jin checking on Cory and Nick. I heard something in the sky and looked up to see something huge hurtling towards us.

  "HOLY CRAP!" I yelled as everyone looked at me.
  (Yah Tim, cause when a giant asteroid is hurtling towards you, you shot holy crap 😒)

  Everyone scattered for cover, me hiding behind a huge tree.

  "JESS MOVE!" I heard Jin yell. I tried to look but the giant thing slammed into the ground and my world went dark.

  (Oh god it's finally done! Again I am so sorry about this taking so long to update there was just a lot going on at the time and I couldn't work on it, but anyways hope you enjoyed the chapter and I'm gonna keep on working on my Jeff the Killer cosplay. With all this said, this has been AdorbzKitsune, signing out.)

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