Chapter 21

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A/N: This book will have 1 or 2 chapters left.

Everything turns black.

Wendy finally wakes up but she's trapped.

She was tied up, with chains this time though.
She was blindfolded so she couldn't see the people.

She was scared, all these weird things happening to her.

This time the people tortured her. They ripped off her necklace and started beating her.

She fell off her chair on the floor. She didn't cry, she couldn't. One guy even gave her a cut on her leg. There was blood all over her.

She didn't have time to cry all she could think of was how to escape. There was no way for her to escape.

She thought she was going to die, so she spent her time thinking of Suga.


Mean while Suga is also getting beat up.

But he gets the worse pain.

He's getting tortured while watching Wendy get tortured.

He's against the wall chained up with a tv right in front of him showing everything there doing to Wendy.

They start whipping his stomach back and forth. They even stabbed him several times, they knew it would heal but he would still feel the pain.

One of the guys started to beat up Wendy even more.

She coughed up blood.

The guy was about to rip her clothes off but he was stopped.

They ripped of her tape and let her talk.

"What the fuck, why are you doing this! Where is Suga"

"You're going to die if you don't shut up, keep quiet and you'll live."

"LA LA LA LA LA I don't care if I die, I would rather die than listen to your orders." Wendy stuck her tongue at him.

"DO YOU WANNA DIE" he shouted at her,
"Go ahead kill me." At this point she didn't care if she died.

"C'mon let's leave her."

They leave and lock her in there.

*1 week later*

Wendy was still locked up, they didn't feed her anything except water.

Suga got the torture for the whole week, no mercy was held. They both were weak, they both wanted to die but all they wanted was to see each other.

The door unlocks and a guard approaches Wendy lying on the floor.
He grabs her by the arms and start leading her to a different room.

He opens the door, and pushes her in.

"You have 10 minutes" the guard says and is walking down the hall.

"Why are we doing this? I thought we were killing her for the plan to work" the guard asks.

"Just shut up and wait"

Wendy sees Suga in blood chained up. The guard put her in a room with him.

She hugs him and doesn't say a word, he's tied up so he can't hug her back.
She kisses his bloody lips lightly and starts hugging him again.

"I missed you, but what's happening to you"
Wendy says weakly while crying.

"No talking please, it hurts me to hear you this weak, just please hug me."

Wendy starts hugging him while crying, she knew they both were going to die by starving and all this torture.

She was hugging him really tight.

Suga see's the guy walking towards Wendy with her back to him with a knife.

"Wendy move or else you'll DIE! HURRY UP"

He tried shaking her off but she just hugged him harder.

The guy comes closer and closer.

"WENDY LET GO OF ME! PLEASE, please that's all I ask you.."

Wendy whispers

"I love you.."



That was the sound of a knife, she was dead.

She got stabbed right in the back. Her body came off of Suga's and was on the floor.

He was crying, he couldn't even be mad he was too sad.

She was dead, and so was Suga's soul.

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