The Slumber Party Part 30

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28th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

It's been several months since we said goodbye to Judy and it hasn't been easy either.

I had to reorganise all my jobs so that I could work them around the kids school hours. That also meant that any jobs on the weekend would have to stop and be put into the week day schedule. It was a few times that things went wonky on me and I had to ask for help. That usually came in the form of Knox.

He himself was having a hard time getting work since people see his prosthetics and think he can't do the job he applied for. It was very frustrating for him I noticed and I knew that he didn't have much funds left. He was managing, but only just I was thinking.

I heard him talking on the phone one day and I think it was to Mr Green. From the few words I heard, Mr Green wanted Knox to do another job for him, but Knox refused after thanking him for thinking of him.

Knox didn't mention it to me either, not that I thought he would have anyway.

Plus I still didn't care what the man does with himself.

When he did manage to get himself some work, I would have Daniel come and stay with us until his father collected him. When work interfered with the jobs I had going, Knox would come up and watch the kids at my place.

It was a working arrangement. I have to say that the other residents in the van park are finding it very amusing with the situation we were in. Not the financial problems, but that it was very easy to see that Knox was the father of the four kids and couldn't understand that he kept only one and not the others that stayed with me.

Then they thought I walked out on Knox and left him with a defective kids, namely Daniel. Once they brought the kids into the gossip, that was crossed line that needed sorting.

So after going to the newest gossip in the park and inviting her to a cuppa at my place, I blithely mentioned how Knox and I met without going into details and how Knox came and went leaving me knocked up each time and how I found out that he went and married another woman who I didn't know about and that Daniel was the result of their marriage.

I said it all so casually and I didn't care that Knox was made out to be the bad guy in this story of my life, but Daniel should never be brought into it  since he along with his siblings are all innocent and I would be not too happy if Daniel or my children were commented on and that was the reason I asked Mrs Shipps to a cuppa.

" I know that such an upstanding person like yourself would halt any gossip about our children. Mr Knox and myself don't think it's appropriate with having our children talked about as they have been and I'm sure that you are just the right kind of person to make sure that no one brings them up in any conversations." I said to her as I was serving her a slice of the chocolate cake that Judy taught me to bake.

The poor woman looked like a deer frozen in the spotlight with how she was now looking at me. I just smiled at her very gently. If there has been one thing I have noticed is that you have two types of gossips.

One type like to gossip maliciously and not care about the consequences. Then there is the second type who mostly do it out of loneliness. Mrs Shipps is of the second type. Esme, the first gossip, was of the first.

I don't have to say that the gossip finished in the park that day and if anything in the way of gossip came up, the Shipps were very quick to quash it. They actually ended up becoming good friends of ours over time, like the Smiths did. Life went along fairly smoothly for a while.

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