Chapter 5 The breaking news and the game changer

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I woke up the next morning around 9:30 to a loud boom. Concerned, I ran down stairs. It was just mom she had dropped a pan cooking breakfast for Garrett and I.

Garrett was my twin brother who was rarely ever at home because mom was always allowing him to be out and about with friends. Which after living with her for 18 years, I had never figured out why. He was always either up at the batting cages practicing for baseball, or with someone somewhere hanging out. Meanwhile, I was almost always at home. Not because i didnt have friends or anything, but just because I was the girl and not allowed to have as much freedom as Garrett, even though he was only a few seconds older than me.

"Goodmorning Faith!" my mom shouted from the kitchen. "How was your sleep?" she asked flipping a pancake.

"good except for the loud crashing sound of the pot earlier." I said with a chuckle.

I started to walk away, when i noticed my mom beginning another sentence, so i stopped right in my tracks.

"oh and by the way," she started. "You're going to the airport tommorrow."

I spun around.

"uhh for what??" i asked nervously.

"You're going to Australia for a month to see Auntie Tisdale and Uncle Robert, whether you like it or not."


no offense but they were so boring. My aunt was a flight attendant for American airlines so she was hardly ever around, but when she was she never knew how to build conversation with me. She was a little awkward. My uncle was a stage manager for several concerts in and around Australia. Which that was actually pretty cool sometimes because it gets him the opportunity to see a lot of cool bands. The bad thing about Uncle Robert was that he was trilingual. His first language wasnt English either so it was rather hard to speak with him at sometimes. I don't want to spend a whole month with people I'll be bored with.

"Mom how could you just decide this without my consent??"Ii started getting angrier. "And with so little notification. Like i want to be able to hang out with my friends and do my own thing this summer!!" I explained to her. geesh what was going through this woman's mind when she thought of this.

"You haven't seen them in 4 years and family comes first!" she said making a point. "Plus Australia will be a really fun place to go! you can have loads of Adventure! She exclaimed while dipping the food. "now come on breakfast is ready!" I sat at the table picking at my food.

'yea what an adventure'

"Garrett come get your frickin food!" I yelled sliding his plate across the table.

Suddenly a tall blonde figure entered the room. I could tell he had drenched himself in cologne because you could smell it from a mile away.

I turned my nose up at him. "why so much colgne?" i asked coughing.

"At least I don't stink like you" smirking, he slid into his chair and began to eat his breakfast.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"I'm going to Katie's house in an hour." he said looking at his plate.

So that was what all the cologne was for

"wow thanks for the last minute notification"

I looked at her in disgust. Like really she wants to talk about last minute notification.

But like always, she let Garrett have his way.

I finished my plate and quickly ran up stairs to my bedroom. I logged onto twitter suddenly a whole bunch of things popped up in my feed as i refreshed it. '5sos' '5sos opening up for One Direction' '5sos Luke Hemmings'

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