Chapter 1

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I ran through the woods the breeze flowing through my light brown coat. My bright green eyes scanned the area around me as I ran along the border of the light wolf pack. I sprinted over hills and dashed in between trees. I was panting by the time I came to the creek that separated the light pack from the neutral territory and then hundreds of miles off to the north the beginning of the dark wolf pack.

I came to a slow walk and stepped over to the creek. I dipped my head and took a deep drink. The water was cold and crisp on my tong. As I was drinking I heard a rustling in the bushes behind me. I kept my head down and perked up my ears as the soft rustling came closer.

Then there was a growl and a blonde wolf came flying at me from behind. I dropped to the ground and the wolf flew right over me and right into the cold water of the creek.

"No I'm all wet!" Cried Sara through our pack link with disgust as she stood from the water. She hopped out and came and stood next to me shook out her fur.

"Sara!" I exclaimed through the link as the water she shook off came flying onto me.

She laughed through the link and came over and bumped into me. I turned and crouched on my front paws in a playful motion. She copied me and we chased each other through the forest and along the creek. We chased each other for a few miles before we came into a clearing and flopped onto the tall grass. I rolled onto my side and looked up at the clouds. It was a calm beautiful day.

"So Evelyn how's Ian?" She asked through the link a grin in her voice.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I said.

"Muhm." She replied.

Ian is the alpha of the light wolf pack and one of my oldest friends. Like me when he was young his parents were killed by the dark pack and along with his parents, his mate was also killed. They were young but their bond had already been made. To this day he still carries the pain with him every day.

I still have not found my mate. But I honestly question if I want to find him at times. I am so happy around Ian.

"How are you and Jason? I asked her.

"Good he has been really busy lately so I haven't been able to see him too often lately." She said.

"Ya with all the new security and changes in the pack he must be under a lot of stress." I said.

"Ya, he really is." She responded.

"And speak of the devil, he wants me to head back." She said.

"I should probably finish my patrol anyway. I'll see you at dinner. Save me a seat." I said as we stood up and shook off the grass and dirt.

"Definitely. Be careful" She said as she ran off back towards the pack house.

I turned and ran back onto the trail and followed it along the border. I was just heading towards the northern border when I heard something behind me. I turned to look but I saw nothing. I sniffed the air looking for any unusual sent's but nothing was different. I continued on and picked up my pace.

A few moments later I heard the sound of paws pounding on the ground behind me. I turned and looked and saw seven wolves right on my tail. I started sprinting in towards the pack house. But I am almost ten miles away.

"Ian! There are dark wolves on the northern border! They are following me." I shouted to him through the pack link.

I ran as fast as I could dogging trees and rocks. I zigged and zagged trying to lose them.

"Evelyn just keep running don't stop. I'm on my way don't worry." He said through the link.

I kept running until a huge dark shape suddenly appeared in front of me and I slammed to a stop right in front of Azreal King of the Dark wolf pack.


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