Reunion - 2

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For Sunny. Thank you for proofreading this. Ano, collab na? 😘


And so the day of reckoning has arrived. I looked at myself in the mirror as I applied lipstick then smoothed the creases from my dress. It was a salmon colored one shoulder maxi with a long slit on the right side, which I paired with my gold Stuart Weitzman high heels. I only wore light make-up and put up my hair in a messy bun, with loose tendrils framing the sides of my face.

Parang ang confident ko tingnan, pero deep inside nanginginig ako sa kaba. But I won't deny that I was excited to see RJ. Kumusta na kaya siya? Baka he has a girlfriend na. Or married. What if he brings his wife sa reunion?

Good thing Claire's already here to pick me up save me from my crazy thoughts. Kung anu-ano kasi naiisip ko. It shouldn't matter if he's in love with someone else na. I mean, it's been two years since we broke up and I'm pretty sure he has moved on since then.

As traffic crawled at a snail's pace on our way to One Esplanade, I gazed outside the window towards Manila Bay and remembered that one time RJ brought me to the area near the Manila Film Center. We sat there by the breakwater eating burgers as we watched the sunset. My goodness ang cheesy niya talaga!

"Uy, bakit ang laki ng ngiti mo dyan? May naalala ka? Si RJ 'no?"

"Ikaw talaga Claire, wag kang ano!"

"But seriously Maine, you never did tell us kung ano nangyari sa inyong dalawa. Okay naman kayo even after high school diba? Pati nung college?"

"Yeah okay naman kami noon. Pero nung may work na siya dun kami nagka-problema. You know Lily, diba?

"Yung classmate ni RJ nung fourth year?"


"O, what about her?"

"Siya ang naging problema namin. High school pa lang tayo crush na niya si RJ. Then right after college, nung nagtrabaho agad si RJ, naging co-workers sila ni Lily. Small world, no? I mean, who would've thought na of all people siya pa ang makakasama ni RJ sa office."

"Ang liit nga naman ng mundo. O tapos?"

"So anyway, one time pinuntahan ko siya sa office kasi may lakad kami. I was at the lobby waiting for him when I saw them exit the elevator. Aba, 'tong si Lily kung makapulupot sa braso ni RJ akala mo batang nawawala sa mall jusko!"

"Anong sabi mo kay RJ?"

"Wala. Pinalampas ko lang. But then there were times that I would join them pag may event yung firm nila, and Lily was always with RJ. He admitted that she was flirting with him but hindi naman daw niya pinatulan. Since then, ewan ko ba. I started doubting him and we'd fight over small things. I guess napagod na kami pareho sa kakaaway so we broke up."

"Are you ready to face him?"

"I guess so..."

"Dapat lang, kasi nandito na tayo and nakita ko na si RJ with his friends sa labas."

I suddenly became nervous when I peered outside the window and saw them. RJ was just as I remembered; tall, fair-skinned, and handsome as hell. He put on some weight though, but not too much. And his arms! Oh my, they weren't that big before.

He was wearing this pink button down long-sleeved polo that accentuated his broad shoulders and well-developed pecs and biceps, and navy chinos that fit his bum like a glove. I felt like it was high school all over again and I was mooning over the most popular boy in school.

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