Chapter 2: Taurus

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Hey, this is Kornerupine! Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that all of the even chapters are Taurus, and the odd chapters are Raven. Keep reading! :)

I paced quickly down the sidewalk in a neighborhood located in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to my ULS. (Universal Location System) According to the small box with a weird robotic voice, I was only blocks away from my target address.
Making sure my disguise was keeping up, I checked around me. Being on the outsides of the main area of Salt Lake, I was hoping not many people would be out.
My heart was racing. I could be attacked at any second, killed even. Just remember what you're supposed to be doing, I thought, trying to get my mind off of blood-thirsty aliens.
I was startled by a blast and flash of light from a few streets away. No, no, no not already!
My walk turned to a run. I had made it a few blocks when my ULS beeped.
I looked at it, continuing down the street. I'm so close!
I stop to make sure I actually am on the right street. Hutch, the street sign read. I was about to slow to a walk, when I saw, at the end of the street, three human figures, and multiple other not-so-human shadowy figures.
     It's them. I sped up my run, raising my gun. I approached the house the three people, all girls, standing on the driveway, holding bats and shovels towards the "shadows."
      My chest was hurting from the all of the running, but I didn't stop. I finally made it to the house, ducking past almost ten of the dark aliens.
     "Get inside!" I yelled at them, practically screaming, and ran into the open garage. Two of the girls followed, but the third, a short girl with long dark hair, just sat their and stared at one of the aliens, which was about to touch her.
     "Heck no!" she yelled back.
     "Just get inside!" I ordered.
I finally just grabbed her arm and dragged her inside.
"Let go!"
I frantically shut the garage before any of the other, er, guests, could join us.
I looked back at her. "And let you die? Never."
The three just stared at me.
"Stop staring and get inside," I said, trying to clam down.
"What the heck is going on?" the one with the baseball bat asked, still staring.
"I'll explain inside," I said through my teeth, gesturing towards the door.
They didn't budge.
I groaned, and went over to the door, opening it. When I turned around, and a girl with tan skin and shorter brown hair was standing right there, who was holding a shovel.
I yelped, jumping slightly. "What the—"
"Who are you?" she asked, so fast I could barely understand her. "What are those things? Are they trying to kill us? Who are you? Where are you from? Do you know me?! Us? What's going—"
"Stop." The dark-haired girl behind her stepped up.
"Just get inside and I'll explain! It's not safe in here." I wanted to strangle them all on the spot, but I couldn't. Not that I didn't have the ability, because I did, I just wasn't allowed to.
I finally, after more oblivious stares, just went inside myself, hearing them follow behind me.
Once we were inside, I started freaking out again. They probably thought I was insane.
"Close the windows, lock them, shut the blinds, and make sure every single door is locked," I ordered, nervously checking outside.
They did it, and I finally thought they were listening to me, when the questions flooded again. Same person, pretty much the same questions.
"OKAY! Okay. I'll tell you," I sighed, sitting down on the couch.
The three eagerly sat down.
"Can I get your names please?" I asked.
"I'm Bear." The blonde hesitated.
"Uh, I'm Rori." She smiled, blushed, and smoothed her clothes a little.
The pretty- er, short one just stared at me. "Yep. Sounds legit. Let's just give this stranger boy our names, all fine and dandy."
I looked at her and rolled my eyes. "I'll tell you mine after yours."
"No, I'm going after you."
I finally accepted she wasn't going to change her stubborn mind. "I'm Colonel- er, Taurus. I'm Taurus."
She stared a little more. "And I'm Bob."
"Raven, come on," said Rori, rolling her eyes. It really was her.
"Ugh," she groaned, but accepted that I now knew all of their names, and they knew mine.
"Now explain." Rori sat forward a bit.
Bear looked thoughtfully at me. "Wait. You're name is Taurus?"
"Yes..." I replied nervously.
She smiled, stifling a laugh. "Isn't that a cow constellation?"
I groaned, as the three started to laugh. "It's a bull..."
      "Yeah, a bunch of bull crap," Raven remarked sarcastically. "What's your real name?"
     "I didn't choose my name! Sorry to burst your bubble, but I think you want the truth,  so I'm giving it to you."
They stopped laughing and looked at me expectedly.
"Well, come on bull boy, give us answers if your so eager to change the subject," Raven smirked.
I bit my lip, trying to swallow down my frustration. "Fine. Short or long answer?" I looked at them for a second, and they just kind of glanced at each other. "Okay, short." I decided.
"A crazy power hungry alien who wants to take over my planet is after a certain something that can give him all power, so he created an army of corrupted beings to take over the universe."
I took a deep breath, the three just staring at me. Again.
Then Raven started laughing. "Corrupted beings? Your planet? You expect us to believe this?!"
I looked at her seriously. "Yes. I do."
Her laughs started to fade. "You're serious."
"Do I look serious?!"
She studied my face for a second. "Not really."
I gritted my teeth. "Well I am! So will you at least try?!"
"I believe you," Rori rested her chin in her palms and smiled.
Bear shrugged. "I guess I do..."
"This is a prank, isn't it?" Raven argued.
I shook my head. "No."
"Raven, all of the things that happened tonight lead to the conclusion that he could be correct," Bear pointed out.
Rori nodded. "Did you see those things? They didn't look like some plain Halloween costumes. This is real! Wait, it is real, right?"
Bear's eyes suddenly lit up. "Whoa whoa whoa. You said 'my planet.' Are you not human?!"
I face-palmed myself. Great.
Realizing they'd find out soon enough, I nodded.
"So you're alien. And, just for trust issues....." Rori looked at me for a second, " old are you? And are you single?"
I gave her a strange look. "Er, never mind that. I'll tell you later."
Raven sighed. "More secrets? Come on you're going to have to tell us someday. We didn't ask for more things you can keep from us, we asked for answers. And we want them."

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