Walk of Shame

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This story is completely from the writer's vague mind. Names, characters,  places are raw product of the writer's imagination. Any resemblance to actual  people living or dead, events, locales are pure coincidental.  

This literary form does not reflect on the writer's lifestyle and beliefs. Some statements aren't factual and some are just blunt opinions. 

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Being open minded is a must.


Nararamdaman ko nanaman ang panghihina ng katawan ko. My throat feels dry and I was thirsty for something again. Pagpinatagal ko pa ang uhaw na nararamdaman ko, if I don’t quench this thirst, I’m sure tuluyan na akong manghihina. At pagtuluyan pa akong nanghina, I’ll soon be dead.

Tumingin ako sa gilid ko at may nakitang isang lalaki. Matangkad siya, maputi at may itsura. Ang totoo, kahit sino naman pupwede pero sadyang choosy lang ako. Kung gagawin ko lang rin naman ito, yung gwapo na pipiliin ko. I may be called a whore, slut, but I’m not cheap.

“Hi, I’m Hedone. Do you want to kiss me?” pambungad na tanong ko dito at mukhang nagulat naman siya sa biglang pagkausap ko sakanya. The shock on his face was quickly replaced with a playful smirk.

“Thought you’d never ask.” swabeng sagot nito sa akin at mabilis ko naman na ipinulupot ang mga braso ko sa leeg niya. I didn’t let a single second wasted. I quickly slipped my tongue inside his mouth and he immediately groaned.

I can feel my energy slowly coming back to my body. Power is seeping right inside my veins. It feels so good that I want more, I need more. I’m yearning for more. But that’s just it. I always long for more but I never considered satisfying my cravings. I was tempted, but I know my limits. And I promised myself to never break that limit. Never.

“Let’s go somewhere private?” I huskily asked the guy and his face lightened up faster than the fourth of July. I mentally snorted. Guys are such a pig. I slid my hand to his and interlaced it with mine. Hinatak ko siya paalis sa bar. Balak ko sana siyang hatakin papunta sa labas pero umiikot na ang paningin ko. I was getting really weak kaya hinila ko nalang siya papunta sa restroom ng mga lalaki. Last time that I brought a guy to the girl’s restroom, I received a lot of nasty looks kaya simula noon, sa banyo ng lalaki ko na sila lahat hinihila. We’ve only walk for a short time but it was already wearing me out. Gosh, I promise not to let this happen again. Nahihirapan lang lalo ako.

Nakarating na kami sa loob ng restroom. There’s no one inside which is better. I pushed him inside a vacant stall. I let him sit on the toilet bowl after closing the lid. I straddled on his lap and started French kissing him.

I let my body control myself again. I didn’t know what I was doing but it was a set of choreographed moves that I’ve learned for the past few years. I’ve been doing it for so long that it felt so casual to my body. It was like breathing, blinking, and hearing. Voluntary movements that I didn’t need to think if I should do it or not.

I heard him groan once again and I felt myself bursting with power again. I let myself feel and enjoy whatever I was doing even though it disgusts the hell out of me. I rubbed my center into his bulging erection and he hissed.

“Must. Have. You.” he was having a hard time and his body is starting to get worked out with the gratification. I can feel myself getting excited with the pleasure that he’ll be receiving. My body was cheering for his satisfaction. Umalis ako sa pagkakandong sa kanya at binuksan ang pantalon na suot-suot niya, unzipping the zipper on his pants. I sat down, licking my lips before doing my business. I gave him the pleasure he needs as I greedily take what’s mine.

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