Chapter 33

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"I'm sorry, it just tore me up to see him like that," I murmur courteously, taking the handkerchief from the man known as Commander Alexander Bridgeton. A young man, with fair skin and dirty blonde hair- he is what Greer says.

He's kind, but only because I'm a woman.

"I understand, Ma'am. I would have been pleased to escort you to your husband, the prison is no place for a lady." His tone is reproachful but there's no malice present.

"I'm sorry. I was so desperate. I had just received word and Master Lovat and I rushed here."

"Master Lovat?" His light brows spring up. "He is here as well?"

I nod, swiping the handkerchief beneath my nose. "Yes, Lachlan- and William Borlum are rather close with him."

He nods, leaning against his desk. His red uniform is impeccably made, the shirt white as the moon, probably brand new or cleaned everyday. "So, should I be inferring whether or not you're here to ask for your husbands release?"

I swallow, caught off guard. " Commander, I'd be ever so grateful- as would his tenants... He was forced into this rebellion. He has no true quarrel with the crown."

His face curves in sudden interest. "Is that so? And is there evidence to support this claim?"

"There are witnesses. A letter-"

"A letter? Containing?"

"A letter written by Lachlan himself trying to persuade the other clans to remain loyal to the crown. That-that going against the king would be detrimental to us."

His eyes slant with understanding and he nods. "Do you happen to have this letter with you?"

"It's with Master Lovat along with the other written letters from witnesses who will vouch for him." I lean forward, taking his hands in mine softly. "Sir, please. I can assure you that my husband- that he will be far more aggressive with the clans in the future."

"I'd like to speak with Master Lovat before I make any decisions but thank you, Mistress, for bringing this to my attention." He smiles courteously, fighting his fingers around my palm. "You are a rare woman to come this far to free your family- in the winter, no doubt."

"There is no truer bond than family, Commander Bridgeton," I reply, standing with a smile. "Thank you so much for your time. I do know you are a busy man."

He presses a hand to my back lightly, walking me to the door. "For a blossoming flower like you, ma'am, I have all the time in the world."

I smile, laughing just to appease him. "Thank you for your kindness."

He nods, flashing his pearly teeth. "We will be in touch, madam. Will you please have Master Lovat come ask for me? Have him bring the evidence you spoke of."

I step from the room into the frigid hallway, clutching my gloves nervously. "Absolutely, Commander. I will go to him right now."

He nods, placing his hands behind his back. Knowing I'm not needed any longer, I turn and walk slowly down the hallway, aware of his gaze on my back. Closing my eyes, I force the fear I've felt nonstop since I arrived in Edinburgh even farther back than I have and press on, hoping that by this time tomorrow, we will be clear of this place.

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