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and ok so the girl with asami in the gif (asami plays ava) is her ex band mate jessica plummer who i imagine as becca so yeah just thought i'd say that

chapter twenty-one; voicemails and other terrible things.

After one big crying fest with Becca  and the teddy bear that Michael had gotten her when Calum left, Ava felt a lot better to have good friend (and stuffed animal) to support her. She had finally made the attempt to get out of her bedroom and ended curled up on the living room couch, with Penguin—the teddy bear—clutched between her hands, her eyes staying on the TV in front of her as she watched streams of the presidential debate.

Usually, she'd never watch the presidential debate during this year because as the feminist she was, she was certain that she couldn't go on for more than ten minutes without screaming. Most of the time, she made comments about Donald Trump's hair and his irrelevant, random accusations towards Mexicans, watching intently and sighing here and there for the fact that she was actually sitting down and watching something that made her so angry. Truthfully, politics made this Japanese, opinionated, and frustrated bean the angriest person in the world, and quite frankly, Ava was very scary when she was angry.

However, it wasn't exactly pegged as normal to go through losing a friend and then watch the 2016 Presidential Debate—unless there were romance novels and movies that Ava hadn't heard of yet, that could possibly entertain her instead—because it was doubtful than anyone did this immediately after getting their heartbroken. But, the angrier she got, the less she remembered the heartbreak; the aggravation overpowered and nearly masked the hurt, and she preferred this over crying some more. The debate ended as she fiddled with Penguin and letting out a huff, she turned off the television. She hated the noise, but not as much as she hated the silence and the big void that slowly seeped into her thoughts whenever they had the chance.

She really hoped that Luke was okay; she hoped that he had his friends supporting him and trying to help him get back on his feet during the times that she couldn't. She only ever wanted the best for him, despite how problematic everything has gotten. In times like this, she would've immediately went outside and smoked, but she knew now that she was better than that, and even though she felt nauseous the first few weeks of her cold turkey call, she believed that she was only helping herself. Like always.

Ava heard Becca humming in her room, and like always, she was probably checking the voicemails. Becca did this every once in a while so she could start to delete everything, only taking notes on the important ones. Ava sat and listened to her friend's humming, recognizing the song as Perfect by Simple Plan, and letting her month form into a crooked smile for the fact that Becca was getting musically influenced by her boyfriend (finally). She wasn't sure if Becca did in fact know of her situation with Luke (aka, what Ava called, The Tragic Thursday of Tears) since Calum never confirmed, but nonetheless she still continued to keep her mouth shut about it until Becca had asked.

Letting the humming take up the space in her mind that would normally be concentrated on Luke, Ava tried her best to not let any more thoughts about the tall, blonde, and blue-eyed boy slip into her brain. Then the humming stopped. Furrowing her eyebrows, she sat up and heard Becca call her name.

"Ava, I think you should listen to this. It sounds important," Ava heard and she let the anxiety fill her, wondering what it was. She made her way to Becca's bright white room and saw her roommate sitting on her futon with a pen in between her teeth, staring at the voicemail machine.

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