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Today you and Dan were filming a cooking video on how to make a cake, and of course it was a Delia Smith cake. You had always prided yourself in your baking skills but Dan on the other hand...Dan was a special case.

"Did you get the flower?" You asked Dan as he walked in the door. You had no idea why you had sent him of all people to get the ingredients but you had so you prayed he hadn't messed it up.

"Yeah! I got some daises! You didn't specify which type of flower though." Dan said as he closed the door with his foot.

"WHAT?!" You asked, horrified by his response.

 "I'm kidding I'm kidding!" He laughed as he walked over to you you and gave you a kiss.

"Phew, I thought you were serious!" You smiled.

"Nah, I'm not that stupid." Dan set down the ingredients.

"Mhm" You rolled your eyes as you started to get everything out.

"Did you by black icing?" You asked Dan while holding up the tub of "midnight" icing.

"It reflects my soul." He responded with a smile.

"Of course it does." You laughed.

"I'm gonna go get my camera and stuff okay?" Dan informed you and walked out of the room. Dan returned shortly after and you began making the video. He let you do most of the work and he just talked most of the time.

"This is going much better than when Phil and I do it." Dan commented as you set the cake in the oven.

"I can tell." You giggled and turned around to clean up a few things. Then Dan had the audacity to stick and handful of flower down the back of your shirt.

"Oh you're dead Howell." You said slyly as you grabbed another handful of flower and threw it at his face.

"You little-" He glared at you as the smallest smirk began to play on his face. Then Dan reached over and grabbed an egg. 

"Don't you fucking dare." You held your your finger in protest. Then he threw the egg right at you, causing it to splatter all over your shirt.

Dan burst out laughing but you put an end to that laughter when you cracked an egg right over his head, sending it dripping down his face.

"Gotcha." You grinned while scrunching up your nose.

"You're mean." He crossed his arms and leaned against the counter.

"You started it." You giggled. Then Dan walked over to you and and began ticking you.

"NO NO NO!" You screamed as he took you down to the floor.

"Are you sorry?" Dan asked as he proceeded to tickle you.

"NO! NEVER!" You laughed, no matter how much you kicked your punched, Dan had the upper hand. Sure he wasn't the strongest but he easily overpowered you with weight and over all size.

"Well then I keep tickling." He said.

"ALRIGHT FINE! I'M SORRY!" You finally gave up, Dan got off right as Phil walked in.

"What the ffffff-fudge." Phil said with a shocked look on his face.

"Oh um." Dan said, you both took a look at each other. You were both covered in flower and eggs, Dan's hair was a sticky mess and your shirt was beyond gross. Not even mentioning the floor.

You all burst out laughing and then went to go wash up. You could only take the eggs in your bra for so long.

While in the shower you remembered that the camera had been recording the whole time.

"Well I guess it'll make for an interesting video." You thought to yourself.

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