Chapter 9

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Seto's Pov

I was laughing so hard I was about to cry. I felt Mitch punch me but I didn't care. "Seto please explain." Jerome said.

"Okay." I replied. I had to contain my laughing for now. "So you know how you have ASF? Mitch has Bajan and Huskey has Mudkipz. Basically they are part of them but also part of their ancestor. They look like your hybrid form. First Bajan called Sky an idiot then it turns out that ASF and Bajan used to have a relationship."

"They were judged for it but they did." Sky said.

"So since they are part of Mitch and Jerome does that mean-" Ty started.

"NO!" Jerome and Mitch yelled in unison.

Everyone laughed except for Mitch and Jerome. If anything they were embarrassed. "So who are these people that we can't see?" Ty asked.

"Their ancestors and they're kind of like guardian angels." I answered. "Some of you are probably discovering them for the first time. It's either that or you don't have it. For instance SB doesn't because she's been around since Sky's time. Ty and Jason I'm not sure about you two."

"Oh I have one." Jason said. "I just prefer to keep him out of my way."

"How come I never heard of this?" Ty asked.

"Because by what I know about your family it seems that she was around during Sky's time." I said. "I'm not sure though."

"Ender wasn't. Her grandfather was. The only way I know here is because she used to come to the Aither to talk with Notch. They would talk infront of me and I could gain information about her." Sky explained. "You may have him Ty but I'm not completely sure."

"Who were out ancestors?" Huskey asked.

"Mitch's was Bajan the archer. Skilled at the bow and in control of his demon side. Jerome's was ASF the bacca. Top in his class with the axe as a weapon and was a beast. Jason's was True the wither. True was gentle and caring but he still managed to beat everyone. Ty's was Deadlox the dragon. Deadlox was not the best worrier and seemed to rush into things and get himself into trouble." Sky said.

"It must run in the family." Jason interrupted.

"Huskey's was Mudkipz the the warrior. Trained in the wild he was one of the best trainers." Sky continued. "SB's was her sister Timber the wolf. Raised in a pack and fitted to the wild like Mudkipz she was a great warrior and tracker. Derp had his host David. Derp got David into assassination and it became a family tradition. And Crsytal. Crystal's was Diamond the cursed. Diamond was cursed to be a dragon and the curse was passed down the line. She was skilled at fighting and magic."

"Wow, you know your friends like the back of your hand." Mitch said.

"Back in my day we had to. It was the time when sorcerers would take the form of my friends and try to get information out of me for enemy kingdoms." Sky explained.

I looked over to Mitch to see him coming at me. He tackled me and held me down. I used my magic to throw him into a tree. "I'M NOT A SPY!" I yelled at him. 

"How do we know that?" Mitch asked suspiciously. 

"No sorcerer would dare take shape of a crowned sorcerer." I said. "It's forbidden."

"And why's that?" Jerome asked. These dorks can't actually think I'm a spy, then again it's Mitch and Jerome.

"Crowned sorcerers are extremely powerful. Nobody would dare take their shape. It's also forbidden because crowned sorcerers are considered royalty." I explained.

"We should just drop this for now and get some rest." Huskey interrupted. "We still have to make our way to the city."

"True." Ty said. "Night.

Ssundee's Pov

Derp wouldn't shut up for a second. He was just constantly trying to convince me to give these guys a chance. 

'Please Ian.'

"Shut up."


"Shut up!"

'At least meet them.'

"How about this, if you shut up and leave me alone for the rest of the day then maybe I'll consider it."



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