He backed out of the drive way and we were off. I love to sing even I have never let anyone here me. One of my favorite songs came on and I had to resist the urge to sing not wanting Dylan to here my voice. He'd probably bug me through the whole car ride, but I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Underneath the one to hold you
Make you feel
Make you feel better."

Dylan looked right at me and smiled,"You're great at singing!" He exclaimed just what I didn't want to hear. I sighed and continued singing blocking him out.

"Not a day goes by that I'm not
Into you" I belted out. And since I was ignoring Dylan I forgot he was there and it made me blush. He smiled and the song was almost over. The drive was pretty long, but we made it comfortable after a while having small talk like what we would be doing over break and stuff.

The drive was soon over when I started to see the amusement park. As we approached I grew more and more excited because I haven't been there forever and it's so fun. We parked and got out. As we walked up to the machines I saw Dylan run up to them before me. Of course I'm too lazy to run up there with him but and it cost me to not pay for my own passes.

"Why are you paying for me?" I asked him with a whiny voice. I went for my back pocket to get my money to pay him off, but he just ran off," Come back and take my money!!!" I ran after him.


"First stop tower drop!" Oh shit I hate that thing but I have to be brave for Dylan. Plus it'll probably be more fun going on it with him. He grabbed my hand, there goes my body, and he dragged me to the tower drop. We waited in a pretty short line because it wasn't busy. I was feeling sick just looking at it. The pit of my stomach was already dropping and I'm not even on the ride yet.

We were walking towards the seats and I could here other children younger than me happy to get on. Why am such a whimp? I sat down right next to hi and he was laughing as the ride operated guy came and put down the bars.

"Why on earth are you laughing?" I asked him.

"You are pale as hell! You look like your going to throw up! It funny because you're scared out of your mind!" He said to me. We started to go up and I closed my eyes. I didn't want to know when we were at the top. That was until I started screaming because we were plummeting downwards. I'm pretty sure my voice blew out but no that was me taking a breath. I hated this ride. My stomach was dropping and so were we but then the ride stopped. I opened my eyes and we were at the bottom.

My hands were still skating 10 minutes later even after the other calming rides. We went on the roller coaster 5 times in a row because it's my favorite, we went to go do bumper car twice, and now we were playing mini golf. My hands are less shaky but it still isn't fun having to lose to mini golf.

I went up the the putt this and lined up the ball. As a soon as I hit it with all my might it hit walls and rolled right into the hole,"Hahahahaha beat that!" I yelled at Dylan but it was too late he had already swung and did the same thing. He started laughing at me and I'm guessing it was because of my expression. I was on the "verge of tears" and I started pouting," Why won't you just let me win?"

"There's no fun in that." He said patting my shoulder.

We finished playing and by that time there was enough time left to play a couple games in the arcade. As we walked in I didn't realize how hungry I was until I spotted the food court. He immediately pulled me towards the line, it's like he read my mind.

We were finished with the food we ordered and decided to play air hockey first. We walked towards it and I plugged in my card thing. And the air is on! I checked to see if I had the puck and..... Yep I did. Yay for me because I'm amazing at this game.

10 minutes later after me laughing my ass off and Dylan crying from losing we divided to play a different game but when we went to go play Dance Dance Revolution we were out of points. Apparently we didn't get much points on our cards. I wouldn't know because Dylan bought the passes before I could see the cost.

"Eh, I'm tired anyway. Let's go home." Dylan said yawning.

I agreed following him to his jeep. It was a nice silent drive back to our houses. Once we got to his house I said my goodbyes and walked to mine.

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