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Hey guys! After nearly half a year I'm back with one last chapter. Which is the ending. This is only a summary of the ending and sadly not a descriptive chapter. I didn't realize so many people requested to know the ending so, now I see how many there are, I will post this last chapter so everyone can read it. Wow, that was a long-ass sentence. Anyways. One last thing, when we first started this fan-fiction last year in December, we never realized that we could've ever achieved so many reads. Nearly 5.7K, wow. That's amazing, thank you guys so much. You might not realize how encouraging this is for us, so, thank you. Also, English isn't my first language, so I was also very nervous when I had to do this by myself without my friend to help me correct my grammar and such. 

Now, to the ending!

You, Max and Chloe finds the darkroom, same things happen and the three of you find out Nathan has been drugging Kate and Rachel bla bla bla. Go to the Vortex party and tries to find Nathan. Leading the three of you to the junkyard.

Remember in the chapter where Michael was supposed to follow you to Chloe's house but got interrupted and went somewhere else? He was called to his job where Sean Prescott met him with an emergency meeting, guess with who? Mr. Jefferson. They said how their business was being leaked to the public little by little because of some people interfering with their evidences and they need Michael to figure out who they were. Michael, of course knowing it was Chloe and you, refused to. Sean and Jefferson, judging by Michael's sudden rebellion realized it as well. Causing Sean to shoot Michael, therefore 'advancing' Michael's faith.

The three of you get to the junkyard. Max gets drugged, Chloe gets shot. But you weren't harmed. Why is that?

Mr. Sullivan.

Mr. Sullivan was working as well under Sean Prescott's secret business. His son, Devon, was under Robert's influence and orders. No, he did not 'accidentally' barge in Michael and Taco's (Tony) meeting. It was intentional, just so he could get to Michael to meet Sean Prescott. Sean wanted to use Michael before killing him and you off, after the embezzlement of his company due to your parents greediness. Sean has lost a fair amount of money, and he felt fooled and was hurt by the disloyalty of his staff.

Mr. Sullivan knows Mr. Jefferson's plan and had a good heart. He followed the three of you to junkyard. But he was too late when he decided to save all of you. So, he could only help you, Max and Chloe still got into the trap. Getting you away from the dangerous situation, Max still got drugged and Chloe still got shot. Episode five Darkroom happens. BUUUUT.

Before Max could use her diary to rewind time to save herself and revive Chloe. You, Robert and Devon barges into the darkroom attempting to save them.

And why I say them?

Rachel is still alive. (This is my head cannon because I can't let Rachel die and it's important to my plot)

The reason why the tornado didn't come is not because of Max's destruction in reality, it's because RACHEL IS STILL ALIVE, therefore Max's decision wasn't all that impactful to the real reality/ false reality (sorry if it's confusing)

But the problem was, Chloe was still dead.

So the inevitable episode five darkroom happens. Max prevented the three of you from going to the Junkyard. Instead, she sends David in the darkroom. Everything got cleared up, Nathan got sent to a mental institution/prison. Mark Jefferson got sent to prison. Prescott gets beated down.

But your brother,Michael, couldn't be saved, because that was long before the party.

A funeral will be held, Rachel got sent to the hospital. You and Chloe live happily forever after, Max gets with Warren.

The end.

Now, I'm not sure maybe some of you guys actually figured out the ending yourselves? But if you did, comment so i can see haha XD. So if you guys got any questions, I will try my best to answer them since it's been a long while since I've written this fiction, so my original plot might have been a bit forgotten. I will answer one frequently asked question about the ending so you don't need to comment again, but if you do have other questions, feel free to let me know!


Mr Sullivan's involvement and his connection with Sean Prescott?


Mr. Sullivan was sort of a filler for me. You know those characters in books that you never really know how they got there? Or their purpose? But they sorta do, and without them the story wouldn't be the same but it still would be?? Well Robert was that character.In one of the past chapters (I believe it's called 'I Trust You'), your father Peter mentions that if they ever would be caught and got sent away (or killed) he will let his cousin Mr. Sullivan take care/look after you and Michael. Not LITERALLY look after, more like look out.When Devon (Mr. Sullivan's son)was attending Blackwell, he was the jock right? Doing drugs and all that. Robert found out sooner or later, he asked Devon where the drugs came from, naturally, he just confessed because there was no point in hiding. So, he went over to the Prescott's and threatened to expose them for drug use, but of course, the Prescotts always win. They threatened Sullivan with death of his son and him, at the same time they needed another person to use. Like Michael. They always use someone, that's why Nathan has problems, his father always used him. It's sort of a problem Sean has that effects everyone and everything around him (at least that's what I'm judging from Nathan's condition and fears. So, Mr. Sullivan ended up working for Prescott. That's his connection. And why use Mr. Sullivan? To use Devon. And why use Decov? To lure MICHAEL. So you see everything is connected to you and your family.

Thank you guys for reading this fan-fiction, and I'm really happy to see new readers even after I stopped writing this story, it means a hella lot, seriously, thank you guys. And one last thing is that, if anyone has the free-time and/or interest to write something with me (One-shots, fiction, or maybe just something fun), let me know, I'd be glad to collaborate with some of you guys!

It's been a hell of a ride, and one last reminder.

Whenever you feel down, just know that there is a person that cares for you, I know this may sound corny, and also may not be something you want to hear. But that's where I have learned. I learned to listen in to those that I thought wasn't right, you never know what you might find in places you never dare to step foot in. Don't let one person ruin your day, don't let one person ruin your week, don't let one person ruin your life. Because we  sometimes forget that giving the person we love happiness, also means happiness for ourselves.

Stay awesome


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