CHAPTER 54: Shit, sorry

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-"No, but listen. My mum worked at that prison, and they fell in love. So later on they had me and my siblings", Jesy smiled.

-"Okay... And?", I asked.

-"Well... he left us when I was five. He was a bad man. He left my mummy with four children, alone. I wanted to help her... I was too young to do so by then", she sighed.

-"Why did he leave you?", I asked.

-"Mum never told me. She hates talking about it", she said.

-"Really? Aren't you curious?", I asked.

-"I gave up a long time ago. I would tell my mum I wanted to see my dad. I would be so jelous when I saw those men playing with their kids while I could only be with my hard working mother", she said.

-"...But he never came?", I asked.

-"He never did. If he came back right now I wouldn't hesitate to cut his ballsacks off with this spoon",  she said, holding up her spoon.

-"Wow", I laughed. She really knows how to speak.

-"Oh well. What about your dad?", she asked.

-"He left because he found another woman", I said, forcing those words out.

-"Oh", she simply said.

-"Jade", my mum broke in. I turned around and looked at her, smiling.

-"How have you been?", she asked.

-"I'm... great", I responded, confused and making that sound more like a question.

-"That's good. No problems with Harry?", she asked.

-"Not at all. Why?", I smiled.

-"I was worried", she said.

-"For what mumma?", I asked.

-"I... nothing", she smiled.

-"Mum tell me it's alright", I said.

-"When you left South Shields, I was very worried. I was regretting everything. I thought I was a terrible mother, I mean... I had left my daughter with a boy who I met for ten minutes wjat kind of woman am I?", she said.

-"I'm fine", I said.

-"I know... I let you go because I could see how much you wished to go. I wanted to do anything just to see my babygirl truly smiling", she said.

-"He's amazing mummy, he would never do anything to hurt me", I assured her.

-"Okay... I must believe you", she said.

I smiled at her and looked at the waitress who was bringing bread for us.

-"I'm going to go wash my hands and I'll be right back", I told Harry and Jesy.

They smiled and I stood up.

I walked over to the bathroom and entered the hall.

I pushed the bathroom door open and found a black haired girl putting on her lipstick.

I washed my hands and wiped the water off with the paper.

-"Excuse me, are you famous?", the blue eyed girl suddenly asked, tapping my shoulder as I was about to go out.

-"Um... I don't know, but I'm in a band", I said.

-"Yes! Rythmix!", she said.

-"Little Mix", I corrected her.

-"Oh, sorry. You're really good, I've seen you on TV", she said, smiling and making her glossy, red lips shine.

She is so gorgeous, her black hair and blue eyes looked too attractive... it seriously didn't look human.

-"Thanks", I smiled.

-"I'm Chloe, by the way", she said, smiling and shaking my hand.

-"Jade Thirlwall", I smiled, and shook her hand as well.

-"I have to go now, they're waiting for me", I said, heading to the door.

-"It was nice seeing you", she said.

-"Same", I smiled.

I walked out and admired the fancy drawings on the walls.

Then, suddenly, I bumped on someone.

-"Shit, sorry", I said, looking at the tall guy who was staring at me with some kind of curiousness, as if he was figuring out who I was.

I was standing frozen as I realized this was the ruthless person who broke my weak heart and scarred me for life.

-"Jade", he smiled.

-"Sam", I squeaked, forcing and choking that word out.

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