Chapter 1
"Mum i'm home!" I screamed as I entered the house.
"Hey darling," I heard my Mum yell somewhere in the house. I walked down the hallway,. My house was huge. Well I guess it is because my Dad is the one and only Paul Higgins, One Direction's manager/security guard. My name is Mina Deza though, I got my Mum's last name because I was born before my parents married. Now most of you would probably wonder what One Direction are like but in all honesty I have never met them. I am forbidden too.
"Where are you?" I yell so she can hear.
"In here!" She replys.
"For the last time I dont know where 'in here' is!" I scream back and a chorus of laughs travel through the house.
"In the kitchen!" My Mum says making me turn around and go in the complete opposite direction. Finally I enter the kitchen and I am taken by surprise when I meet 7 pairs of eyes.
"DAD!" I squeal as I leap onto him.
"MINA!" He screams back and I hug him.
"I missed you!" I say and he laughs.
"So skyping all the time doesn't count," He says.
"It's not the same!" I reply back and he pulls me off him.
"You've grown," He says and I nod and smile, he fake cries to my Mum. "I no longer have a 13 year old teenager, I have a 19 year old hipster swag a swag fag!"
"Never repeat those words...ohhh who are these familiar people?" I ask noticing the others.
"Well, this is One Direction. They are staying here for a few weeks," My Dad says and I nod and smile waving at them also known as One Direction.
"Mina, this is Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam, boys this is Mina!" My Dad introduces and I wave at them again. They wave back as well. I move down the line and I stop at Louis. Something about him catches my eye. I dont know what, but maybe his eyes or hair or skin or smile. He makes eye contact with me and I feel something fly through me and everyone else dissappears. A small smile lingers on his lips and I give him a cheeky smile.
"MINA!" I hear someone scream my name. I immediatley snap out of it and look over to Zayn, with a smirk on his lips.
"Would you like to play a game?" He asks as he watches Louis and I. I shrug and nod before looking around for my parents who mysteriously dissappeared from this room. He's back! Dumbledores back!
"Dumbledore is not back, we are in the muggle world. And your parents left 5 minutes ago when they gave up trying to get your attention but you and Mr Tomlinson here seem to be a bit...caught up," Liam tells me and I turn around to hide my blush.
"Oh look they are both blushing, already in love!" Niall says as the boys laugh earning a shut up from Louis and I.
"Can we just play the game already?" I ask earning laugh from the boys and I turn around before following them into the living room.
"Nice house," Louis says to me.
"Thanks," I say back as we all sit in the lounge.
"So Mina tell us about yourself?" Harry asks.
"Well im 19, I go to UNI, I am training to become a teacher, thats it really, nothing else important," I say and they nod.
"Thats so cool, I wanted to be a drama teacher," Louis says and I smile.
"Thats cool, but your job seems to be pretty awesome now," I say and he agrees.
"I would ask you guys, but a friend of mine is obsessed and so I don't need to know because I already do, but honestly its a pleasure meeting you all!" I say.
"Right back at you, we have been pestering Paul about meeting you for a while, he has many photos of you too," Harry says.
"Yeah, Dad says he didn't exactly want me meeting you guys, something about you being crazy, but you guys seem normal," I tell them.
"Oh," I look over to Liam and notice a smirk on his face. "You only just met us, I hope you dont like normal,"
"Normals gay, specials awesome!" I scream earning laughs from everyone.
"Good, because we get hyper sometimes,"
I laugh at them and get up to fetch us some food. I be all awesome and go out on it, making each of us a bowl full of things. Lollies, chips and chocolate all mixed together. I bring them all out and hand them to each of them. We all decided on a movie, a scary one. I curl up to Louis as a scary scene flashed through and now because it's dark, I can hardly see things. I look back at the television right as another scene pops up. I let out a scream and hide again as I feel Louis stomach vibrate from laughter. I hit him hard making him shut up.
"It's not that bad!" Harry says and I throw my bowl full of food at him. "HEY! Oh thanks for more food,"
"I hate you!" I say and try get my food back. He grabs all the crumbs from the ground and eats them.
"Be quiet! I'm trying to watch!" Zayn groans as he takes up the 2 seater couch.
I look over to Niall and Liam, cuddling up together on the couch, then over to Louis who is just watching but as well he is watching us, then to Harry who is picking up more food. I sent him a glare as he looks at me and laughs.
Finally, I hear a door open, immediately know its my parents I run out the room and down the dark hallway. Once I reach the door, no ones there. I let out a little whimper as I realise I am alone. I am so scared of the dark. I was so sure that I heard the door open. I decide to head back to the lounge only the room is empty and dark as well with the tv switched off. I try turn on the switch but the power looks to have gone out. I let out another whimper and tears start to roll down my face.
"Guys!" I yell, well try to only being broken by my now sobs. "Please this isn't funn..." I was cut off by a window shutting and a door slamming from somewhere in this 3 story house.
"HARRY! LIAM! LOUIS! NIALL! ZAYN!" I scream, but no one comes. What happened! Where are they! Another door is slammed and I scream and jump onto the couch crying full on now.
"Pl-please so-some-on-e h-elp!" I say and I hear laughing. I look up from the couch to 5 laughing idiots.
"Your face!" Niall says laughing.
"HARRY! LIAM! LOUIS! NIALL! ZAYN!" Harry mocks me and I sink deeper into the couch.
"It isn't funny, I am so scared of the dark!" I protest.
"Sorry," Liam says but I ignore him. I decide on the silent treatment. I stand up and wipe my eyes before leaving the room to the kitchen.
"Mina where sorry!" Someone says and they all continue as I enter the kitchen. Ignoring them. I make myself some coffee. I sip on it as I read to newspaper. God I sound old. "Please are so sorry, i'll buy you anything!" Louis says and I look up.
"Anything?" I ask and he nods. "Some gum?"
"YES! 20 PACKS!" He says and I hug him.
"I GET 20 PACKS OF GUM BITCHEZ!" I yell and Louis laughs.
"I'm tired, goodnight people!" I yell before running upstairs and into my room.

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