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Who hasn't had a brekky like this one?

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Neena's POV...

I don't know how long it was before I started to realise that Daniel had been calling m Mumma like the other kids do.

But it was some time after we came back from Judy's funeral when we put her to rest with the man she gave her life to so many years ago.

Her funeral was arranged for a week after her death to make sure that the coroner was fully satified. Which he was when it was discovered that Judy had suffered a heart attack similar to what Merv had. But being asleep when it occured, she just drifted off in her sleep.

I am so glad that she didn't suffer at all and she would have been satisfied at going out at her age too. She had a long, wonderful life spending it with the boy she fell in love with so many decades ago.

I felt sad that they never had any children of their own to pass on their history to another generation.

But I doubt that I would have met them if that had happened, nontheless, their history will be passed on through the memories they shared with us as well as the memories we had made with them.

They will never be forgotten.

I have to say too that I was feeling somewhat grateful that Knox had been there at the time. I doubt that I would have had the energy to drive the whole distance up and back if it wasn't for him being there and taking on the responsibilty of getting us there.

He drove the bus with the kids in the back the whole way while I dozed on and off when I wasn't dealing with the kids.

It wasn't until we arrived that I realised that Judy had been more than I thought she was to my little family. It was like I had lost my mother all over again and it showed when I couldn't stop crying.

When the kids hugs couldn't console me, I felt Knox lift me into his arms and carry me away from the graveside back to the bus. The kids following at his call.

I have to say that Knox fell into the role of being a father to all the kids fairly easy. It was like he has been preparing for it for a while. Little Daniel didn't bat an eyelid about it and neither did the others.

Although there were a few times when Matty hesitated about having Knox around.

Matthew knew that Knox was his father, but I could sense some resentment coming from him for his father and there wasn't anyhting I could do about it since Knox was the one to cause the whole damn situation to begin with.

And yes, I was blaming him. I was just a kid when we met, remember? That's what I have to remind myself all the time.

It was all so confusing for me most of the time.

Anyway, we arrived back from Warren up in Arkansas after such a long drive of being on the road for over fifteen hours with a few pee stops, mainly for the kids. It was long and it was tiring.

I didn't think much of it when we all piled into the van when we got home. But not before we all had a share in unloading the bus of the things we took with us.

Fifteen minutes later, I was putting the kettle on and making a cuppa while Knox was sorting out all the kids who were helping with the unloading.

But within half an hour, the kids were all snacked out, and climbing into bed.

They were all tired from the last few days driving and I don't expect them to be waking up in time to go to school either in the morning after arriving a little later than I thought we would.

An hour later after thanking Knox for his assistance, I found myself nodding off. I didn't know that Knox had picked me up and put me to bed, taking off my shoes and pulling the blankets up and over me.

I also didn't know that he hunkered down for the night on the lounge in the lounge room.

Not until I walked out there the next morning before the kids woke up.

That was when I realised that both Knox and Daniel had stayed with us overnight.

Slamming down a cup onto the bench after filling up the kettle, I heard the sounds of movement coming from the lounge. Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of someone groaning.

"The kids still asleep?" I heard Knox ask me and turning to him, I saw thta he was rubbing his face with his hand before sliding them through his hair as he sat there on the edge of the lounge.

Turning back to pour the coffee, I added some sugar and milk to both of them and them after stirring them, I walked over to Knox and handed him one of the cups that I was holding.

I stepped back and watched as he put the cup to his lips and took a slip.

He looked satisfied at the taste so I reckon I made it good enough even though I added milk this time.

"How'd you sleep?" He asked me as i was sipping from my own cuppa.

"Mmm." Was my only response. I wasn't up to talking much at the moment.

I started to hear movement from the back of the van which told me that the kids were waking up. That was the indication for me to get back to the kitchen and get their breakfast ready for them.

"Is Daniel allergic to anything?" I asked Knox who had stood up and stretched the moment I moved back away from him.

"No. Not anything so far." He was saying as he bent over to the table and picked up his cuppa and then walked over to stand not far from me where I was making toast as well as putting on some eggs to boil.

I made sure that there was enough for everyone, including Knox who looks like he could easily eat a dozen on his own.

Thirty minutes later, Knox was organising the kids into getting dressed and once ready, he organised them all around the table for breakfast putting a plate in front of each of them.

Then once all the buttered toast and eggs were ready, I put them on the table where the kids all grabbed some toast to start with before grabbing an egg or two.

"Sit." I motioned to Knox at the other end of the table so that he could feed himself.

I hope he didn't expect me to feed him either. It was not on. He can get his own.

Once the milo's were all done, I sat them down in front of the kids within arms reach.

Toast, eggs and milo were the norm for our breakfast after a long drive. Tomorrow we'll be back at our usual cereal or porridge for breakfast. But that's tomorrow.

So that's how it started with Knox and Daniel starting to stay overnight every now and again. It was not long after that when I realised that Daniel was calling my Mumma like his siblings did.

I didn't know how I felt about that. I was still feeling hurt by all that Knox did. I had a lot to think about and wondered how I would have felt if I was the other woman.

But the fact that Knox thinks of my kids as bastards was something I couldn't get passed.

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