Revenge is Sweet.

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Sooo! The rewriting phase has started yet again!

Hello, everyone! If you're new here, then you most likely just want to get on with the story, so go ahead and skip this part if you would like, but to all the old - timers,  wondering where the hell the old version of this story is gone... well, have I got news for you.

Most of the writing, for me especially (I don't know about you guys who read through the whole thing), was completely cringe, to say the least.

When I first started writing this book, it was more cathartic-- me trying to escape my messed up head and returning to the comfort that words usually brought me, but I hadn't turned to in a really long time.

It was a stage in my albeit very short life where I wasn't quite okay, which I realise now, and that is why I want to keep that part of me to myself, as a reminder of how much I have grown, and a little piece of me that I just want to let go of.

I really do appreciate that version of the story, because it helped me, and somehow, I hoped it helped someone smile too.

But honestly? The writing, especially in its earlier stages, was utter crap, the characters so superficial when they had so much potential, and everything not as complex as I want it to be.

So for everyone who deserves a better story, a better version of your favourite characters, it's here. And it's here to stay this time.

The idea behind this story really wasn't that bad, and it contains some thoughts that occurred to me that I really wish no one should ever go through, but if you are, know that somebody else, me, perhaps had the same thoughts. And the main character too.

And it's okay. It gets better. You'll meet wonderful people, and you'll let go of the toxic ones. And you're going to cry, laugh, dance, mourn-- and that is perfectly fine.

As long as you have crazy family and friends that anchor you to reality. And if you don't, you will always have books.

That's okay, too.

Signing off, with love,

Signing off, with love,

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