Jazmins POV

"Jazzie, hunny... get up its time for you first day of school."

"Alright," I said. I was still sleepy, ofcourse, but my mom was strict when it comes to me going to school.

I slowly got out of bed, went in the bathroom to freshen up and picked out my clothes. For my first day, I decided to wear black Pink Friday shirt, a pair of white shorts (not booty shorts), Ralph Lauren Polo boots, and my lucky ankle bracelet. I got it from my grandma before she died of cancer, on my moms side. I could tell her anything... she always understood me. But my grandma on my dads side, she would always be there for me as well, just not as much. But whatever.

I went back to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I don't really need makeup, just a little lipgloss. I curled my hair, and straightened my bang. My hair was brown and dirty blonde, it was kind of like Cassies, the famous person. I grabbed my phone, keys, and bookbag and went downstairs.

"Morning sweetie." "Morning mom... what's for breakfast?" I said looking around for breakfast. She laughed. "Your gonna have to eat school breakfast because you wanted to get up late. Besides, it saves money!" My mom had all the money in the world, and she's talking about saving money? Yeah, okay. "Ughh, okay... whatever. I gotta get going anyways, love you." I kissed her on the cheek and left to go to school.

Oh, well I'm Jazmin or Jaz. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Los Angeles, California. I go to LA Highschool. I'm a Junior, and this school is mixed with gangs, richies (rich people), Chinese, Spanish, well ALL the races in the world. I fall into the "Mixed" category. Yeah, they seperate people here by how they look, act, etc. Basically discrimination. But I don't do that. My bestfriend is black and spanish. What I look like going against her because of her race? Well, there's a rich side of people that go to LAHS and a gang-affiliated side. Really, I don't see why they do that, and ofcourse I'm not in the gang. Which means, whoever is treats me like shit.

Well, except my EX-bestfriend, Michael. When we were like 8, we did everything together. That is, until he started growing up and messing with the wrong crowd. I've always had feelings for him, but he never realized that. Now, we act like we don't know each other... and I have to get over those feelings.

But, I can't.


Michaels POV

"Ty, get up nigga! We gotta get to school."

"Man, if you don't get out my fuckin' face wit that shit!"

"Iight nigga, but when momma beat yo ass don't say I ain't warn you."

I sighed and got outta bed. I don't even know why my mom be tripping 'bout me going to school, I ain't learning shit there. I only go to get bitches digits and to see my niggas. But I don't even give a fuck anymore.

I got outta my bed, went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I got out and put some deodorant on. I went to my closet, grabbed a white wifebeater, some black basketball shorts, nike socks, my nike sandals, and a snapback. I grabbed my red bandana and tucked it in my shorts then I went to the living room.

"Hey ma."

"Boy, if you don't get yo ass to school..."

I laughed, "I love you to ma. Bye!" I said right before I left to get on this dumbass bus.

My name is Michael, but most people call me Tyga or Ty. Mainly because I like to freestyle and stuff like that. I'm 18 years old and I go to lame ass LAHS. Senior. I got black hair and I'm tatted up. Most girls like me cause my looks, but they don't stay long enough to see the real me, but I don't even care. All I'm known as is the "school player," but when you look this good... they just come.

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