You're His Stylist - Part 2 (Final)

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* 4 Months Later*

You've been on tour with Michael for four months now and it's been wonderful! You two are as close as ever, all the crew tease him saying he has a crush on you and you can't help but wonder if it's true. But you're not going to ask him because you don't want to ruin what you two have now, you like the closeness you have already, he loves the way you treat him like a completely different person instead of the superstar everyone else see's.

Right Michael's just run off stage ending a concert in Sydney, Australia. He's sitting down in a chair in his dressing room catching his breath and leaning his head back with his eyes closed. You walk in and close the door and lock it to give the two of you some privacy. The man's exhausted so you don't think him being bombarded with people right now is best.

"Tonight was amazing!" You exclaimed, walking over to him and dabbing a towel over his sweaty face gently.

"It certainly was. That crowd though, certainly knows how to sing and dance, I thought they were trying to out...Michael me!" He laughs while panting.

You couldn't help but laugh, he asked the fans to sing and dance along with him to 'Lovely One' and 'Things I Do For You' and once they did they just wanted to do that for the rest of the night it was great! Seeing Michael's smile watching them dance along with him was so lovely.

"They tried! Did you see that little kid at the front? He was really going for it, I don't know where he got so much energy. Watching him made me feel so unfit." You laugh, Michael laughed too.

"You? Unfit?" Michael asks looking you up and down, "Please, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Plus you've been with me for the last four to five months so you've been moving constantly! I think that kid in the audience just probably thought he was dreaming or something."

You blushed at his comment, especially when he moved back to look you up and down. Michael has been kinda flirty with you lately.
Maybe the crew are right...maybe he does have a crush on me. No that'd be stupid, I only have one month left then he'll never see me again.

Thinking about having only one more month left with Michael made you sigh, You can feel your entire mood change in your entire body. You think he sensed it too because he looked a little concerned.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"It's nothing." You say practically in a whisper. You didn't want to get into it.

"Y/ to me." He says, he grabs your hands and pulls you in front of him, "You can tell me anything."

"I just, I only have one more month with you." You say and look down at the ground.

Michael lifts your chin to meet his gaze with yours.

"I know." He sighs.

"You'll continue on tour and I'll go back to the states to continue sitting on my couch looking for more job opportunities." You say.

"I don't want that for you." He says.

"We don't have a choice, Michael. I'm only on a six month contract with you then Karen comes back." You tell him.

When you look into his eyes you can see all of these different emotions. You see sadness, hurt, pain, loneliness and guilt. He looks like he goes into deep thought then looks back at you.

"I'll work something out. I refuse to send you back to the states alone unemployed. I don't want to be the reason that you go home alone with no job...and without telling you something I've been dying to tell you for a few months." He says.

"What is it?" Your curiosity peaks.

"Y/N, since the day I met you, you have treated me the way I have always wanted to be treated by everyone or just anyone really. You treat me like a normal human being, you treat me like a normal guy and not some superstar who sings and dances who makes millions of dollars." He goes on to explain.

"That's because you deserve to be treated this way, Michael. You're human like the rest of us." You caress his cheek, he closes his eyes and leans into your hand.

"And because of how wonderful you are with me is exactly why I've fallen so hard for you." He whispers, slowly opening his eyes.

You let out a small gasp.
Did he just say he's fallen in love with me? Oh my god!

" what?" You were too shocked to process what he said and needed to hear it again.

"I said..." He says, taking your hand off his cheek and kissing it gently, "I've fallen in love with you, hard."

Tears start to fill your eyes, it never crossed your mind about taking your relationship with Michael any further until now. Michael does seem perfect for you, you have a lot in common and already spend every day and night together. Plus he knows more about you than most your friends and family.

"So I'm going to ask this, will you be my girl?" He asks. He looks nervous as hell, really afraid you'd say no.

"Yes." You say.

He looks up at you and grins like a little school girl talking to her crush. He picks you up in his arms and spins you around. Once he lets you down he looks into your eyes before leaning in and claiming your lips. The feel of his lips against your is like heaven, sweet and soft, moving perfectly in sync with each other. He snakes his arms around your waist and you wraps yours around your neck.

"Stay on tour with me." He says pull away.

"What do you mean?" You ask.

"When your contract ends just stay with me. You don't need a job yet. You have me, once the tour is over I'll help you find work I'll help you get the best work in the styling field." He smiles.

"Okay. Just for you." You giggle at his cuteness.

*The End*

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