Another Loss Part 28

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27th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

There was a truce of sorts between Knox and I at the moment.

It's only been a few days since our last clash which involved the Gossiper Esme, who suddenly left the van park, thank goodness.

But it was still tense with how the boys , my boys, who now knew that Knox was their father. I don't think yet that Sasha has cottoned on to the fact there has been a change in what's happening in our family.

But the biggest surprise to me was how little Daniel was attaching himself to me. It didn't matter how many times I rebuffed the kid, even though I was doing it gently. I saw him as Knox's betrayal to me.

And he did, betray me that is. Just like he betrayed his wife as well.

I didn't know the woman and I didn't care to know anything about her either. I know it was harsh, but it was just how I felt.

It was the same with those friends of Knox's. His team mates. The only one I liked was Perseus since he was the one who never took to lying to me or hiding any information about Knox when i chased them up looking for him.

Perseus I can handle. The others can go to hell, including their damn commander The preacher, Mr Green. he knew what was happening and didn't tell me. Didn't warn me.

So see what happens when they attempt to come anywhere near me or my family in the future.

Anyway, Knox and I are just getting alone fine if he does as he's told. By me of course. I do not want him disrupting my family more than it has been.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be helped after another week of us tiptoeing around each other.

It started with the weekend and the kids had nothing to do early in the morning. Usually Judy was up and beginning breakfast for the kids. But this one morning she didn't get up.

Knowing that something has changed and not sure what it was, I slowly pulled myself up and looked over at Judy who shares the room with me. She was laying there so peacefully and with a small smile on her face.

She once told me that she often dreams about Merv and it wakes her up with a smile on her face. She did say that she misses him something awful and didn't think it would be long before joining him.

I thought so too and started to make plans for when it eventually happened. But I was still shocked when she didn't wake that morning.

She didn't wake up and after getting up to see to the kids stirring, I called them to me in the kitchen and they know that they come when I called.

It was still very early and I needed them out of the house for a little while to see about Judy. But first I needed to thell them what's happened.

So sitting them down and telling them wasn't as easy as it might have appeared. But I managed it and they all went and kissed her goodbye. After that, I sent them down to their fathers van to stay until I would come and get them. I told them that i needed to have an ambulance come for her and then there will probably be police coming as well. So I wanted the kids out of the way when that hapened.

The moment I saw the kids holding their sisters hands and running slowly down the drive to their fathers van, I called the ambulance and told them what happened.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance and the police were here tending to the woman who had been made a large part of my family.

The police asked me their usual questions when someone died at home with no witnesses and they went and spoke to the neighbours as well. It took a few hours before the coroner was satisfied that Judy died of natural causes and they took her away.

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